Staff Recruitment and Job Offers

Purpose: To seek and hire individuals best qualified and best suited for employment within the context of the College’s mission, philosophy, and the position description and function.

Policy Statement: Recruitment is conducted in compliance with the equal employment opportunity and affirmative action commitments of the College. Vacancies will be filled based upon the requirements of the job and the relative qualifications of the applicants. The College may fill vacancies with applicants for the job or from among existing employees who apply. The College intends, however, to consider qualified internal applicants for promotions and transfers before hiring a new employee for the position. The College may at any time, for any reason, determine not to fill a posted vacancy. Job offers must comply with College policies and procedures, collective bargaining agreements (if applicable), local, state and federal law related to employment, wages and benefits. Job offers cannot be made without hiring approval from the appropriate executive or Dean.

Prior to recruiting to fill a regular full time continuing position, a requisition to fill the position must also be completed. The requisition should be accompanied by information showing that the position has been budgeted and approved by the hiring manager, Vice President Business and Finance or the Provost, the related executive officer and the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources or their authorized designee. Recruitment procedures are found on the Human Resources website.

Exempt Staff

Job offers for (FLSA) Fair Labor Standards Act exempt staff are made by the hiring supervisor after approval by the budget director, related executive officer and Human Resources. The hiring authority is typically the supervisor of the position. Supervisors are not authorized to promise any terms or conditions of employment without consulting Human Resources.

Non-Exempt Staff

Job offers for FLSA non-exempt staff are made by Human Resources in consultation with the hiring authority and after approval by the budget director and related executive officer. Most non-exempt staff are covered under a collective bargaining agreement. Hiring procedures and starting wages must comply with the related union contract.

Conditional Job Offers

In certain circumstances, a conditional job offer may be made prior to the completion of the background checks. Such an offer must be approved by in-house general counsel or the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.


Approved by the Executive Council on May 5, 1993.
Revised on May 31, 2002.
Revised on June 4, 2008.                                                                                  Revised on October 31, 2012.