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HR Policies

Reduction in Force

Purpose: To set guidelines for consistent management of workforce reductions.

Policy Statement: Lewis & Clark College strives to plan for a stable work environment and workforce. However, at times it may become necessary to eliminate positions due to circumstances such as reorganization, changes in enrollment, lack of work or other budget constraints. When this occurs, Lewis & Clark reserves the right to make the final determination on the need for reductions and the means by which those reductions will be implemented.


1. In the event that positions are consolidated, the potentially displaced employees will be eligible to apply for the new position and will receive first consideration. The new position will be offered to the person with the best overall qualifications as determined by Lewis & Clark College. If neither of the potentially displaced employees are qualified for the new position, both will be subject to permanent layoff. Qualifications will include skills, knowledge, experience, education, aptitude, documented work performance and personal attributes which are job related. If both incumbents are equally qualified, length of time in current positions will be considered in making the final determination.

2. Although there are no bumping or recall provisions, incumbents of a position being eliminated are encouraged to apply for other suitable, open positions at the College as they occur.

3. An employee whose position is eliminated will be paid for any accrued unused vacation up to the maximum accrual level allowed by College policy.

4. Employees or their dependents who are receiving tuition assistance may continue to receive this benefit through the balance of the quarter or semester in which their last day of work falls.

5. Employees may choose to continue medical and dental benefits under COBRA. Human Resources will provide each employee with information regarding benefit continuance.

6. Employees may utilize the Employee Assistance Program for up to 3 months beyond their last work day.

7. The College will strive to provide a minimum of 30 days notice for any position elimination. However, length of service will determine the actual notice period or severance pay offered. Employees who leave the College as a result of a position elimination are eligible for severance pay or a notice period, at the discretion of the College, based on the following formula:

  • For each year of the employee's most recent period of continuous employment on a regular full or part time basis, the employee will receive one week of severance pay or one week's notice of position elimination, at the discretion of the College, up to a maximum or 8 weeks for non exempt staff or 16 weeks for exempt staff.

8. The Office of Human Resources will provide assistance in updating resumes and scheduling interviews for other Lewis & Clark positions.

9. Employees finding other employment on campus within their severance period will no longer be eligible for severance pay and may be required to reimburse the College.

Approved by the Executive Council, May 31, 2002.
Revised on June 4, 2008.

HR Policies

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