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Human Resources

Hiring for Staff Positions

Human Resources is here to help you navigate through the recruitment and selection process.  

1. Obtaining Permission To Fill:

  • Please complete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) for the position you are filling. You will be able to save a DRAFT of your PDQ before submitting to HR.
  • If the position is part of the LCCSSA, please contact HR with regards the minimum qualifications for the education and work experience requirement.
  • Submit the FINAL PDQ to Human Resources.  
  • Human Resources will review the FINAL PDQ contact you with approval to move forward with creating the job posting.
  • Create the posting in People Admin.  Please review the posting instructions.  
  • Let Human Resources know when the posting is ready and they will submit it to the VP for Business and Finance/Treasurer and the VP and Provost for Executive Council approval to fill.

2. Posting the Position:

  • Once the position has been approved to fill, Human Resources will complete the posting process.

3. Selecting The Right Candidate:

  • Please contact Tori Leder ( in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to schedule a training for your Search Committee
  • Review the applications for the posting. Only consider candidates who meet the minimum qualifications.
  • Interview all qualified internal candidates. If you do not select an internal candidate who is a part of the LCCSSA, you must provide them with an explanation in writing as to why they were not selected, and copy the union president.
  • Conduct interviews with the finalists.  
  • Contact HR about SkillSurvey Reference Checks.                                                           

4. Completing The Hiring Process: 

  • Once you have identified your top candidate, contact Human Resources about the conditional offer process and background check.

The CUPA-HR Interview Guide is a great resource for anyone involved in the selection process.  Please contact Human Resources with any questions.