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Human Resources

Hiring for Staff Positions

Human Resources is here to help you navigate through the recruitment and selection process.  

1. Complete a PDQ

  • Please complete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) for the position you are filling. You will be able to save a DRAFT of your PDQ before submitting to HR.
  • If the position is part of the LCCSSA, please contact HR for guidance on how to complete the PDQ.
  • Submit the FINAL PDQ to Human Resources.  
  • Human Resources will review the FINAL PDQ and contact you with approval to move forward with creating the job requisition.

2. Create Job Requisition in Workday

  • After you create the job requisition in Workday, it will get routed to Human Resources, Manager (if they didn’t create the job requisition), Budget, Division Executive, and then VP of Finance/Chief of Staff for approval.

3. Posting the Position

  • Once the position has been approved to fill, Human Resources will complete the posting process.

4. Selecting The Right Candidate

  • Navigating the Recruiting Stages in Workday
  • Prior to conducting interviews, consider the following:
    • Identify members of the search committee. Please note that all search committee members must have completed the required training for certification. A list of certified search committee members can be found here.
    • Training sessions for search committee certification are held monthly, and can be found on the HR Events page.
    • Only consider candidates who meet the minimum qualifications.
    • Interview all qualified internal candidates. If you do not select an internal candidate who is a part of the LCCSSA, you must provide them with an explanation in writing as to why they were not selected, and copy the union president. 
  • The CUPA-HR Interview Guide is a great resource for anyone involved in the selection process.          

5. Completing The Hiring Process

For more details on this process within Workday Recruiting, please review this document.

Human Resources

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