Hiring for Staff Positions

Human Resources is here to help you navigate through the recruitment and selection process.  

1. Review the Position

Union (LCCSSA/Teamster) & Non-Exempt Positions

  • Please complete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) for the position you are filling. This is required to make significant changes to a current Union or Non-Exempt position or to create a new non-exempt position.
  • HR will determine if there is an existing PDQ for the position you are filling. If not, HR will provide a link to the PDQ you need to complete.
  • Human Resources will review the FINAL PDQ and contact you with approval to move forward with creating the job requisition.

Exempt/Salaried positions

  • For new positions or positions that require significant changes to duties/requirements, please contact Helen Howell directly with your intent to hire.


2. Create & Submit the Job Requisition in Workday

  • After you create the job requisition in Workday, it will get routed to Human Resources, Manager (if they didn’t create the job requisition), Budget, Division Executive, and then VP of Finance/Chief of Staff for approval.


3. Posting the Position

  • Once the position has been approved to fill, Human Resources will complete the posting process.


4. Selecting The Right Candidate

  • Navigating the Recruiting Stages in Workday
  • Prior to conducting interviews, consider the following:
    • Identify members of the search committee. Please note that all search committee members must have completed the required training for certification. A list of certified search committee members can be found here.
    • Training sessions for search committee certification are held monthly, and can be found on the HR Events page.
    • Only consider candidates who meet the minimum qualifications.
    • Interview all qualified internal candidates and all LCCSSA candidates.
    • Be aware of the Notice For All Remote Candidates.
      Lewis & Clark College is set up for payroll taxes in the following states. Final candidate(s) who reside in a state Lewis & Clark College is not set up will require approvals from the Department and Dean’s Office and submitting an Adding New Out of State Registration Request Form. Registering a new state will take up to approximately 8 weeks.
      If the posted position is a remote non-exempt hourly employee, managers must follow additional oversight responsibilities; such as factoring locality minimum wage, timesheet tracking, etc.
  • The CUPA-HR Interview Guide is a great resource for anyone involved in the selection process.          


5. Completing The Hiring Process