Student Worker Time Entry FAQs (COVID-19)

This FAQ is meant to provide student worker supervisors with information about time entry and COVID-19-Leave pay.

Revised: April 24, 2020

  • Will my student worker be able to get the remaining balance of their work-study financial aid award?

    All federal work-study students, Lewis & Clark work-study students, and graduate assistants will be paid for the remainder of their spring-semester shifts, whether they actually work them or not.

    Supervisors should work with their students to create an accounting of hours that would have been worked and then share that information with Human Resources. Work-study students should reach out to their supervisors if they haven’t already discussed the matter with them. Other student employees who are not working will not be paid.

  • Who is eligible for COVID-19-Leave pay?

    All Federal work-study students, Lewis & Clark work-study students, who have available funds in their work study award, and graduate assistants are eligible. This includes students with a Federal Work-study award or a LC Work-study award who are currently working in a Student - Agency and/or in an off-campus work study position.

  • How do I find out what type of student workers I have?

    You can access this information in Workday. Students will have one of five student worker employee types:

    • Federal Work-study - Awarded to eligible students as a part of an annual financial aid award. Work study could be on-campus or off-campus.
    • Lewis Clark Work-study - Awarded to eligible students as a part of annual financial aid award.
    • Graduate Assistant - Positions are offered for a 10-month period during the academic year (August–May). Positions are reserved for students in the two-year, cohort-based MA in Student Affairs Program, with some exceptions.
    • Student - Agency Positions for which the organization reimburses Lewis & Clark for the student workers time. This includes all positions with Bon Appetit and the SAAB Peer Tutor program. FWS or LCWS awards are not drawn down for these positions.
    • Non-Work study (Non-WS) - Students not eligible for FWS or LCWS.
  • If my students are still working, how should their time be entered?

    Students who perform work will enter their hours onto their timesheet in Workday and the supervisor reviews and approves. Hours should be coded as “Time Worked”. It is the students responsibility to enter time worked.

  • Can non-work study students continue to work?

    Yes, non-work study students can continue to work remotely. Students who perform work will enter their hours onto their timesheet in Workday and the supervisor reviews and approves. Hours should be coded as “Time Worked”. It is the students responsibility to enter time worked.

    If work availability ends for non-work study students, or if they do not work, they should not enter time and their pay will end. They are not eligible for COVID-19-Leave pay.

  • What if I don’t have any work for my students to do?

    Supervisors should make every effort to find work for the student workers (e.g., projects, desk-top procedure creation, transcribing lecture notes, etc.) to be performed remotely. Think creatively!

    Consider working with your department or division head to brainstorm larger projects.

    Ask your colleagues in other departments across the College to identify work needed.

  • How and when do I enter COVID-19-Leave pay and what reason do I use?

    If there is absolutely no remote work to be done, and the student does not perform work, the supervisor should enter hours the student would have normally been scheduled using the COVID-19-Leave code. This should happen on a pay period (monthly) basis. The reason code is “No Work/Work Reduction”.

    For screenshots of the process, please see Slides 6-9 on the Student Supervisor Q&A PowerPoint.

  • What if I don’t see the COVID-19 code as an option in Workday?

    The COVID-19-Leave code is directly related to the employee type. If this code is not appearing, they are in a Non-work study position. Contact David Nickerson at if you think this is an error or if you have any questions.

  • What happens if a student’s work study award is runs out?

    The Human Resource office and the Financial Aid office will continue their normal auditing process that includes monitoring of awards amounts, extending awards that are exhausted and adjusting positions accordingly.

  • Do I enter COVID-19-Leave for a work study student who has not returned my attempts to reach them?

    A supervisor should make every attempt to reach a student worker with offers of work available. If the students does not respond, you do not need to enter COVID-19-Leave pay. Students are not eligible for COVID-19-Leave pay in lieu of unresponsiveness to work opportunities. 

  • Can a student opt not to work if we have work from them to do?

    Yes, a student can opt not to work, however, denying work offered does not mean they are eligible for COVID-19-Leave pay. If work is offered, students can take the work and be paid. Students are not eligible for COVID-19-Leave pay in lieu of opting out or declining work opportunities.

  • How do I check work study balances?

    After each pay day, HR will audit work study balances and will communicate with the supervisors to provide remaining balances.

    Work study students can always Check Work Study Balance by following the instructions on the link. 

  • Why did I receive time to approve for student’s other position(s)?

    Leave hours are set up to be approved by the student workers primary position’s supervisor. All COVID-19-Leave hours entered by other position supervisors will be sent to the listed primary supervisor for approval. The non-primary supervisor should include a note in the comments section as to what position/department the hours are for. Primary position supervisors will need to approve the hours. Approving the hours does not mean you will be charged for them. HR is tracking where the COVID-10-Leave hours should be allocated.

  • My department does not currently have student workers, but we have work that could be done by student workers. How do I connect with students who need work?

    Contact David Nickerson at and provide a brief outline of the work needed, to include anticipated number of hours, equipment/access needs (ie internet, Google Drive, etc). David will coordinate between supervisors who have the work and the supervisors who have the student workers who need work to do.

  • Can students use their sick accruals?

    Yes, but only to the extent that they have sick leave available. If they do not have sick leave available, they would not be paid.

    If the student is not working for one of the following reasons, use the “Time Off” code “COVID-19 Leave” and select the appropriate reason from the drop-down menu:

    • Advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine or isolate;
    • Care for a minor child due to school or daycare closure;
    • Care of a minor child or family member due to COVID-19;
    • Federal, state, or local quarantine or isolation order;
    • Symptoms of COVID-19 and am seeking a medical diagnosis.

    Hours assigned to COVID-19 Leave for the above reasons will be deducted from the employee’s sick bank.

  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

    David Nickerson, temporary Staff & Student Employment Coordinator, is your point-person for all things student worker related.  He can be reached at or (503) 768-6238.