Institutional Data and Standards Council


The charge of the IDSC is to establish and maintain consistent policies and practices related to information systems and the College’s data across the institution.  

How the IDSC Works:
  • Collects information on issues related to institutional data standards and institutional processing standards. 
  • Explores options for resolving issues. 
  • Assigns work to the existing or appointed working groups as needed to meet IDSC goals. 
  • Submits recommendations on data policy and processing standards to the Deans Council for approval. 
  • As authorized by the Deans Council, makes decisions related to data and processing standards. 
  • Makes recommendations to the Dean’s Council for necessary training or additional resources needed.
Council Membership: 
  • CAS Registrar (Judy Finch)
  • GSEC Registrar (Courtney Whetstine)
  • LAW Registrar (Seneca Gray)
  • Institutional Research (Renee Orlick)
  • IT - Information Systems (Kathy Tymoczko)
  • Student and Departmental Accounts (Cheri Blatner)
  • Financial Aid (Anastacia Dillon, chair)
  • Human Resources (Sarah Petrich)
  • Admissions (Becky Haas)
  • Advancement (Lauren Lottman)
  • GSEC Research & Assessment (Barbara Shepperson)
  • Business & Finance (Katherine Shallenberger)


IDSC & Working Group Org Chart (coming soon)


IDSC Projects


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