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Institutional Research

IDSC Completed Projects

Enrollment Reporting

  • Project Lead: Anastacia Dillon
  • Project Team: River Montijo, Judy Finch, Seneca Gray, Brad Wilkin
  • Issue Requiring Resolution: Repeated audit findings related to federally required student enrollment reporting to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).
  • Project goals:
    • Understand the rules surrounding federally required student enrollment reporting
    • Understand and document the data flows in the enrollment reporting process
    • Understand the role of the National Student Clearinghouse plays in the enrollment reporting process
  • Results:


Building Name Project

  • Project Lead: Esme Miller
  • Project Team: Brad Wilkin, Denise King, Haley Bentley, Holly Allen-Petersen, Jeffrey Yamashiro, River Montijo, Seneca Gray, Serron Stonecypher, Stacey Kim, Sandi Bottemiller, Sara McGerald. 
  • Issue Requiring Resolution: Difficulty reporting on course locations due to inaccurate, inconsistent, and/or inactive building codes (Canada is not a building).
  • Project Goals:
    • Clean up building name files in Colleague: Mark vague and duplicative building codes as obsolete, propose valid building codes to take their place, in accordance with the USDOE definition of an off-campus site.
    • Establish a process for adding and de-activating building names, including a coding convention for new off-campus sites.
  • Results:
    • Better student service for off-campus courses
    • Reliable mapping between Colleague and EMS for Events and Registrar’s offices.
    • Able to complete USDOE and NWCCU off-campus sites reporting more efficiently and effectively.


E-mail Addresses

  • Project Leads: Kathy Tymoczko, Renee Orlick
  • Issue Requiring Resolution: Inaccurate, inconsistent, and/or outdated e-mail address codes
  • Project Goals:
    • Review e-mail types
    • Identify how e-mail address are entered in the system and e-mail types are assigned
    • Identify how e-mail addresses are maintained
    • Identify where e-mail types are used by different offices and reports
    • Create new or revise existing types to be more descriptive and accurate
    • Assist end-users with cleanup of informer reports using discontinued e-mail types
    • Document procedures to ensure consistent use of newly established e-mail type protocols.
  • Results
    • Discontinued use of ‘Internet’ and ‘Local’ e-mail address types
    • Created relevant and useful e-mail address codes including “Work”, Personal
    • Defined e-mail addresses entered through an admission application to be “Personal”.  Allowed individuals to add a work e-mail if wanted
    • Reviewed and eliminated e-mail address which are not formatted correctly