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Institutional Research

IDSC In-Progress Projects


  • Project Leads: Renee Orlick, Liz Young
  • Project Team:
  • Project Goals:
    • Review address types
    • Identify how addresses are entered in the system and address types are assigned
    • Identify how addresses are maintained
    • Identify where address types are used by different offices and reports
    • Create new or revise existing types to be more descriptive and accurate
    • Assist end-users with cleanup of informer reports using discontinued address types
    • Document procedures to ensure consistent use of newly established address type protocols.
  • Status: Survey has been administered to offices that collect or use address information
  • Next Steps: compile survey results and make a recommendation to IDSC about how to move forward.


Name Project

  • Project Lead: Karen Fobert
  • Project Team: Becky Haas, Charlie Ahlquist, Robin Jarecki, Seneca Gray
  • Project Goals:
    • Document ways in which name fields are used in Colleague and auxiliary databases on campus
    • Identify policies and procedures already in place for students and employees to change name
    • Identify additional policies or procedures needed
    • Be able to craft a document that clearly articulates to students and employees the ways in which their names are used and can be changed
  • Exploratory phase completed in Fall 2017.  Summary and recommendations submitted to Dean’s Council for discussion and approval.
  • Approved by Dean’s Council in Spring 2018
  • Next Steps: Implementation.  Ready to implement for Fall 2019; rolling out in October


FERPA Training

  • Project Lead: Judy Finch
  • Project Team: Seneca Gray, Courtney Whetstine, Anastacia Dillon, HR
  • Project Goals:
    • Establish better information security through employee training
    • Establish a requirement that all employees participate in regular FERPA training
    • Status: Concept has been approved by the Dean’s Council.  Project is currently on hold due to changes in the product offerings of the preferred training material company.


Google Group Dis Lists

  • Project Lead: Meredith Goddard
  • Project Team: Dierk Polzin, Vanessa Holmgren; consultation from President’s Office, HR and others as project progresses
  • Project Goals
    • Discern and map out how each group is created (via Colleague generated list, Workday download, etc)
    • Discern who is included in each list (i.e. the criteria used to generate the list)
    • Modify/create new lists to meet institutional needs
    • Establish clear owners and additional users of the lists
    • Establish clear usage expectations
      • Which lists should be used for which types of messages? 
      • Which office/person should send the email?
      • Who approves the content of the email?  The timing of when it should be sent?
  • Create a spreadsheet that indicates the name of the list, how it’s generated, who owns the list (as well as who owns the data), who should which types of messages
  • Create a repository for information about group list emails to help guide staff
  • Status:  All lists have been cataloged with the following information:  How the list is created (from what system it is generated) and who is included in each list).  Owners and additional users have been identified.
  • Next Steps: Clean up/streamline the owners and additional users of each list.  Work on policy recommendation to submit to Dean’s Council.
  • Approved by Dean’s Council in Spring 2018
  • Next Steps: Implementation,  Completion goal is December, 2018