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100 Projects for Peace


100 Projects for Peace is an initiative for all Lewis & Clark College undergraduate students to design their own grassroots projects for peace that they themselves will implement anywhere in the world during the summer. This is the seventh year of the 100 Projects for Peace program at Lewis & Clark.

A $10,000 award is given annually to an individual or group (undergraduates only) that submits the winning proposal.

Funding for the $10,000 award comes from Mrs. Kathryn Wasserman Davis, a lifelong internationalist and journalist, who celebrated her 100th birthday in February of 2007 by donating $1 million for 100 grants stating, “I want to use my 100th birthday to help young people launch some immediate initiatives that could bring new thinking to the prospects for peace in the world.” Mrs. Davis is the mother of Shelby Davis who funds the Davis United World College Scholars Program at Lewis & Clark College and at 90 other colleges and universities in the United States. What began as a one time birthday grant has become an annual program.

President Glasser has approved an additional $2,500 contribution to the winning project by the Office of the President at Lewis & Clark, significantly increasing the size and scope of proposals.

More information about 100 Projects for Peace and a Question/Answer website are available.

Open information sessions about the 2014 100 Projects for Peace grant program will be held at the following times:

Wednesday, September 24 at 7:30PM in Miller Room 102

Deadline:  Proposals are due in hard copy and PDF format at the International Students and Scholars office at noon on Friday, January 23, 2015.

If you would like to share your ideas or ask questions of other applicants, you can send an email to the 100 Projects for Peace listserve at:

For more information, contact:

Brian White, Associate Dean of Students
100 Projects for Peace
c/o International Students and Scholars - MSC 192
Lewis & Clark College
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219

Winning Proposal 2014

2014 100 Projects for Peace winners Sam Shugart, Nway Khine, Irada Yeap, and Katie Schirmer with their students in Taunggyi, Myanmar during summer 2014.

Teaching to Build Trust, Connections & Friendship in Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar. Students:  Nway Khine ’15 and Sam Shugart ’15.

Teaching to Build Trust, Connections & Friendship Final Report

Teaching to Build Trust, Connections & Friendship Final Budget

Teaching to Build Trust, Connections & Friendship Winning Proposal and Budget

Winning Proposal 2013

Women’s Dance and Self-Defense for Peace & Empowerment.  Students:  Miranda Benson ’13 and Hillary Patin ’14.

Women’s Dance and Self-Defense Final Report

Women’s Dance and Self-Defense Final Budget

Women’s Dance and Self-Defense Winning Proposal and Budget

Winning Proposal 2012

YES! Youth Engagement for Somalis.  Students:  Nima Mohamed ’15 and Hannah McCain ’12.

Winning Proposals 2011

Lewis & Clark is proud to announce that the College won two 100 Projects for Peace awards in 2011! 

Drilling Well, Providing Clean Water and Promoting Peace in Borena, Ethiopia.  Students:  Brook (Selam) Mentire ’11, Leah Scott-Zechlin ’11, Mihret Teklemichael ’12, Temesghen Habte ’12, and Seile Alemayehu ’13.

Tools for Tolerance:  Human Rights Education in Casablanca, Morocco.  Students:  Samantha Stein ’11 and students from Lewis & Clark’s overseas program in Morocco. 

Winning Proposal 2010

Peace Through the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in Qinghai Province, China  Students: David Willis, Jesse Schouboe, and Sara Eichelberger 

Winning Proposal 2009

Crafting Peace: An Artisans’ Collective for Empowering Widows and Destitute Women of Vrindavan, India
Student: Katie Walter

Winning Proposal-2008

Cultivating Peace: Empowering the Orphaned Children of Criamar in Ceilândia, Brazil  Students: Claire Battaglia, James Cotton, Casey Nelson, and Betto van Waarden.

Winning Proposal-2007

Intimate Violence and Visions for Peace in El Viejo, Nicaragua              Students: Elizabeth Fussell, Kate Iris Hilburger, Frazer Lanier, and Megan McBride,
Lewis & Clark College; Loren Speer, Metropolitan State College of Denver


Want to Help?

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