Pathway Program

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Admitted students who do not meet the minimum English requirement will receive conditional admission to Lewis & Clark College and begin their undergraduate studies in the Pathway Program.  (Note: The application process for conditional admission is the same as the regular admission process. Applicants are required to submit the application and required documents.) 

Pathway Program students will be placed in an Academic English Studies (AES) level, which is our English as a Second Language (ESL) program.  Students will take an on-campus English proficiency exam to determine their AES level.  In order to transition to the undergraduate program, students must:

  1. maintain a B average in their AES courses in levels 3, 4, and 5;
  2. receive no course grade lower than a B- in levels 3, 4, and 5; and
  3. receive the recommendation of their AES instructors.

Upon transition to the undergraduate program, up to 24 AES credits may be applied as elective credit toward an undergraduate degree at Lewis & Clark College.

Guidelines for Lewis & Clark Degree-Seeking and Exchange Students


Course Guidelines


1, 2, 3

Four AES 4-credit courses required

One 1-credit activity course - optional

Level 4


 Four AES 4-credit courses – 16 total credits

Students admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences may enroll in AES 260, if recommended by AES faculty, during the academic year (Fall and Spring).


L&C degree-seeking and exchange students (admitted to the CAS) may enroll in one of the following non-language intensive undergraduate classes and take three AES courses (12 credits).

  • CS 102, Math 115, Math 131 (3-4 cr.)
  • Studio Art (4 cr.)
  • One foreign language course (4 cr.)

One 1-credit activity course – optional  (1 cr.)

Music Performance (MUP) or Physical Education (PE) (1 cr.)

Level 5


 Level 5 is for students who have completed AES Level 4 or who are placed at this level by examination.  Level 5 students may enroll in a combination of upper-level AES courses and undergraduate courses if they have been admitted to the Lewis & Clark undergraduate program.

Undergraduate courses are selected in consultation with both the AES and undergraduate academic advisor.

Undergraduate students taking an AES course may defer E&D for one year.


The tuition for students who are conditionally admitted varies based on the level of AES courses they are taking.  For levels 1, 2, and 3, students pay AES tuition.  Students pay undergraduate tuition for levels 4 and 5, as these credits count towards an undergraduate degree at Lewis & Clark College.

Note: The Conditional Admission policy is subject to change based on related U.S. Department of Homeland Security policy updates.

More Information

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