Telephone and Email Logistics

Cell Phones

International students occasionally complain that they cannot get a cell phone without a social security number. But there is at least one service that will provide a cell phone without a social security number.

AT&T at 734 SW 3rd Avenue in downtown Portland sells “Pre-paid Phones.” TEL: 503-228-2675. Here are the details:

“Pre-paid Phones” are pre-paid. You buy the phone (phone prices start at $80 and go up) and you can add time to the phone via the phone, the computer or by stopping by AT&T.

For more info on the AT&T services, please see their website at AT&T Personal. (

To get a phone, visit the AT&T store at 734 SW 3rd Avenue. You will need to take with you the following:

  • Cash or debit card to purchase the phone.
  • Your Oregon ID card or Passport.


E-mail is an important means of communication on the Lewis & Clark campus. You should have opened a Lewis & Clark e-mail account via the internet before you arrived at L&C. You must check your L&C email account everyday.

LC email accounts utilize the college’s Gmail system. You may access your email via the standard way, or you may access it via LC’s Google apps web portal at When logging in, use your full email address in the username field, e.g. (Other Google apps, e.g. Google calendar and Google docs, are available for you as well.)

Forwarding Email

Remember that you need to check your Lewis & Clark e-mail everyday. If you have a favorite e-mail account (e.g. hotmail, yahoo, etc.), you can easily forward your L&C e-mail to it. This will make checking your e-mail easier and it will help to ensure that you will not miss an important message from your professor or the ISS Office.

To set up forwarding on your email, login to your gmail account, then click on the “gear” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select “Settings,” then “forwarding” and fill in the appropriate information.