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International Students and Scholars

Telephone and Email Logistics


Your room* is wired for telephone and voice-mail service, but you must purchase a telephone to plug into the telephone outlet (jack) in your room. Telephones can be purchased at area stores for approximately US $15-50. Calls made from your room to other numbers on campus or in the Portland area are free. Your telephone number is provided to you in your packet upon arrival. The number is also listed on the telephone outlet (jack) in your room.  (*Holmes Hall is not wired for telephone and voice-mail service.)

Your friends and parents can call the telephone number in your room from anywhere in the world. With long-distance service (available by purchasing a pre-paid, international phone card), you may call anywhere in the world from your room telephone.

  • To call other rooms or offices on campus, dial the last four digits of the number. (To call the International Students and Scholars office, dial “7305.”)
  • To call off campus, first dial “9” for an outside line. (For Papa John’s Pizza, dial “9-503-246-7272”).
  • To call campus safety in an emergency, dial “7777”.
  • To call for the Portland police, fire station, or ambulance, dial “911.”
  • To make a long distance call, follow the instructions below.

Long Distance/International Phone Service

Students who want to make long distance and international calls from their rooms should purchase a pre-paid calling card. Cards are available at Fred Meyer, Costco, and at the Lewis & Clark College Bookstore.

Generally, to make a long-distance or overseas call:

  • Dial 9-1-800-number on card, wait for greeting.
  • Enter PIN number (on back of the card), when prompted.
  • At prompt:
    • For domestic calls, dial 1 + Area Code + Local Number
    • For international calls, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number

   Cell Phones

International students occasionally complain that they cannot get a cell phone without a social security number. But there is at least one service that will provide a cell phone without a social security number.

AT&T at 734 SW 3rd Avenue in downtown Portland sells “Go Phones.” TEL: 503-228-2675. Here are the details:

“Go Phones” are pre-paid. You buy the phone (phone prices start at $29.99 and go up) and you can add time to the phone via the phone, the computer or by stopping by AT&T.

For more info on the AT&T services, please see their website at AT&T Personal. (

To get a phone, visit the AT&T store at 734 SW 3rd Avenue. You will need to take with you the following:

  • Cash, check or debit card to purchase the phone.
  • An active credit card.
  • Your L&C ID card.
  • Your campus telephone number.
  • Your campus address.
  • A password of your own choosing. (It must be at least 4 digits or letters). When you contact Cingular or call them by phone, you will be asked for the password in Cingular records.

Voice Mail

Your room is wired for voice mail service. You will need to buy a telephone to plug in to the telephone outlet (jack) in order to activate voice mail. The service is free. To set up voice mail on the telephone in your room:

  • Dial “7010” to activate the voice mail system. A computer voice called “Alice” will answer and lead you through the steps.
  • Dial your temporary password. The password should be on a sheet in your room. If it is not, please ask your Resident Advisor (RA).
  • You will be asked to select a new, personal password. The password must a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 characters/numbers
  • You will be asked to say/record you name. If you and your roommate plan to use the phone, be sure to record both names.
  • Next you will be asked to record your personal greeting. (Example: “Hi, this is Greg Caldwell and Brian White. Please leave a message”).
  • To exit press the * button on your phone.


E-mail is an important means of communication on the Lewis & Clark campus. You should have opened a Lewis & Clark e-mail account via the internet before you arrived at L&C. You must check your L&C email account everyday.

To open your e-mail account, go to:

Enter your L&C ID# (seven digits); click on “student,” enter your birthdate, enter your last name, and click on “submit.”

Forwarding Email

Remember that you need to check your Lewis & Clark e-mail everyday. If you have a favorite e-mail account (e.g. hotmail, yahoo, etc.), you can easily forward your L&C e-mail to it. This will make checking your e-mail easier and it will help to insure that you will not miss an important message from your professor or the ISS Office.

To forward your Lewis & Clark email, go to:

Type in your Lewis & Clark e-mail login. (Example: bdwhite). Make sure that the login is correct and that it is not capitalized. Then simply type in the complete address of your favorite e-mail account. Your e-mail will be fowarded.