Telephone and Email Logistics

Cell Phones

International students occasionally complain that they cannot get a cell phone without a social security number. But there is at least one service that will provide a cell phone without a social security number.

AT&T at 734 SW 3rd Avenue in downtown Portland sells “Pre-paid Phones.” TEL: 503-228-2675. Here are the details:

“Pre-paid Phones” are pre-paid. You buy the phone (phone prices start at $50 and go up) and you can add time to the phone via the phone, the computer or by stopping by AT&T.

For more info on the AT&T services, please see their website at AT&T Personal. (

To get a phone, visit the AT&T store at 734 SW 3rd Avenue. You will need to take with you the following:

  • Cash or debit card to purchase the phone.
  • Your Oregon ID card or Passport.


E-mail is an important means of communication on the Lewis & Clark campus. You should have opened a Lewis & Clark e-mail account via the internet before you arrived at L&C. You must check your L&C email account everyday.

To open your e-mail account, go to:

Enter your L&C ID# (seven digits); click on “student,” enter your birthdate, enter your last name, and click on “submit.”

Forwarding Email

Remember that you need to check your Lewis & Clark e-mail everyday. If you have a favorite e-mail account (e.g. hotmail, yahoo, etc.), you can easily forward your L&C e-mail to it. This will make checking your e-mail easier and it will help to insure that you will not miss an important message from your professor or the ISS Office.

To forward your Lewis & Clark email, go to:

Type in your Lewis & Clark e-mail login. (Example: bdwhite). Make sure that the login is correct and that it is not capitalized. Then simply type in the complete address of your favorite e-mail account. Your e-mail will be forwarded.