Job Opportunities

Part-time job opportunities at Lewis & Clark are available to both international and US students. As an international student, the jobs that are open to you depends on whether or not you receive a work study award as part of your financial aid.  If you do not have a work study award, you can only apply for positions that do not require work study.  If you do have an award, you can apply for any positions that require work study or ones that do not.  If a position requires federal work study, international students are not eligible to apply.

The best way to find a job is to use the employment website ( or to contact departments and offices directly.  For assistance with writing resumes and cover letters, or to get interviewing tips, contact the office of Career Center.

Below you will see a list of departments that may have paid positions available. Don’t give up easily and GOOD LUCK!!!

Department or Office

Department or Office

Academic English Studies
Tel: 503-768-7310
Tutor, writing consultant

Admissions Office
Tel: 503-768-7040
Various clerical positions
Internship, tour guide, overnight host

Alumni & Parent Programs
Tel: 503-768-7950
Student alumni association ambassadors

Student Government
Tel: 503-768-7150
President, Vice. President, Secretary

Tel: 503-768-7545
Various positions

Bon Appetit Food Service
Tel: 503-768-7890
Various kitchen positions, Catering

CAS Registrar
Tel: 503-768-7335
Clerical positions

Career Center                     Tel: 503-768-7114
Career counselors, Community engagement coordinators


College Outdoors
Tel: 503-768-7116
Trip leaders, clerical work

Events Audiovisual (AV)
Tel: 503-768-7293
Event preparation and set up

Financial Aid
Tel: 503-768-7090
Clerical Positions
Facilities Services
Tel: 503-768-7845
Gardening, painting

Information Technology
Tel: 503-768-7020
Various clerical & delivery positions

IT Desk Services

Tel: 503-768-7302
Various positions

Instructional Media Services (IMS)
Tel: 503-768-7290
Various positions

KLC Radio
Tel: 503-768-7133
Program Manager, Station Manager

Law Library
Tel: 503-768-6676

LC Literary Review
Tel: 503-768-7188

Mail Services                               Tel: 503-768-7867

Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center (SQRC) Tel: 503-768-7570
Math, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Computer Science, Physics tutors

L&C Bookstore
Tel: 503-768-7885
Clerks, Cashiers

Transportation & Parking
Tel: 503-768-7857
Parking pass patrol, office duties

Pioneer Log                                   Tel: 503-768-7146
Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor(s)

World Languages and Literatures
Tel: 503-768-7419
Teacher Aides

Campus Living                            Tel: 503-768-7145
Resident Assistant (RA)

SAAB                                     Tel: 503-768-7150

Writing Center
Tel: 503-768-7505
Writing consultants

Student and Departmental Account Services
Tel: 503-768-7829
Clerical positions

Office of Student Accessibility   Tel: 503-768-7191
Note taking

Any Academic or Administrative Office!