Health Insurance

All undergraduate students at Lewis & Clark are required to have health insurance. The College offers two options for international students on F-1 visas: (1) enroll in the school sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, or (2) show proof of private insurance coverage. (Proof of coverage must be shown and a waiver form submitted online). For exchange scholars and students on “J” visas, the College offers the Patriot Exchange Program which meets guidelines set by the U.S. State Department.

Please note that the chart below is a summary only and is prepared by International Students and Scholars, not by an insurance company. For more detailed, specific information, including a copy of the policy, please refer to Student Health Insurance Information.

Important: After graduation from Lewis & Clark College, your school insurance ends and you are no longer covered for accident and illness. Many students fail to make plans for private insurance coverage and this can lead to serious problems and expensive costs. For more information and help about insurance after graduation, please consult Insurance Options After Lewis & Clark.