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International Students and Scholars

Sample Visa Application Preparation

A Summary of Qualifications for (YOUR NAME)

Academic Qualifications

•Form I-20 from Lewis & Clark, Portland, Oregon
•Letter of admission from Lewis & Clark.
•Transcript from ________ Secondary School
  - score of _____
  - rank in the top 10% of my class.
•Secondary School diploma from ___________ Secondary School.
•National secondary education exam score of _____
  - top 10% of students in the nation.
•TOEFL score report of _____.
•SAT score of _____.

Financial Qualifications

•Financial aid award letter in the amount of $_______ from Lewis & Clark.
•Bank statements for the past six months showing balance of $_______.
•Statements for the past six months showing family’s stock account with value of $_________.
•Letter from ____________Bank offering five year loan of $________ for my education.
•Letter from my uncle, Mr. ___________ of (uncle’s address) offering ,000 per year.
•Statement from my uncle’s bank proving balance of ,000.
•Form I-134 Affadavit of Support completed by my uncle.
.•Bank letter stating that my family is a good customer.


COSTS OF L&C: $72,000.


Ties to My Home Country

•Letter from _______ Company offering a job upon my return home.
•Deed in my name on 1 acre of property.
•Letter from Mayor of the City testifying to my character and plans to return home.
•List of past travel abroad, proving return home.
•List of family members remaining in my home country.

Travel Documents