Dependent Expenses

Dependent expenses for Lewis & Clark programs are determined by the Office of Financial Aid in consultation with International Students & Scholars. The expenses for dependents are the same in all Lewis & Clark programs.

Dependent expenses are determined as follows: Take 1/2 the published off-campus room cost, add the published, off-campus board costs on a monthly basis and multiply by 9 months. Add the published incidental costs plus insurance for the first dependent. Each additional dependent is charged the cost of board, plus 1/2 the cost of incidentals, plus insurance.  Not included are transportation costs to travel to the U.S. and living expenses during the summer break.

Dependent expenses for the 2024-25 academic year are listed below:

Costs Student First Dependent Each Additional Dependent(s)
Tuition & Fees Varies by program $0 $0
Room $12,780 ($1,420/mo X 9 mo) $6,390 $0
Board $6,390 ($710/mo X 9 mo) $6,390 $6,390
Incidental/Personal $3,600 ($400/mo X 9 mo) $3,600 $1,800
Insurance $3,812 $TBD $ TBD
Books $1,600 ($800/sem X 2 sem) $0 $0
Transportation $2,700 ($300/mo X 9 mo) $0 $0
 TOTAL  Tuition + $30,882 $16,380 + health insurance cost $8,190 + health insurance cost


For the 2024-25 academic year, the cost of the first dependent is $16,380 (plus health insurance cost). The cost for a second dependent would be an additional $8,190 (plus health insurance cost). International students and scholars who plan to have family members accompany them are required to prove they have resources at the levels listed above.

Note that health insurance is required for all international students and their dependents. Students can purchase health insurance through a private company as long as they show proof of insurance coverage at acceptable levels.   

If you have questions regarding dependent expenses, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at: or International Students & Scholars at: