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Akin Multicultural Hall

In an age when citizens of all countries must look beyond their borders to the world at large, the Multicultural hall brings together students from different cultures to live with and learn from each other. This hall provides great opportunities for students who have studied or plan to study abroad, for U.S. students who live abroad (TCKs), for international students who want to share experiences with US students, and for students who wish to speak a language they already know or are learning. A ratio of 60% U.S. and 40% international students is preferred.

The Multicultural hall is a popular residences with a high return rate. Residents involve themselves in the annual international fair, receive special information on overseas programs, educational opportunities and other services. Residents also organize trips to the Oregon coast or other spots in Oregon, arrange international dinners, and host speakers on international topics.

Residents of the Multicultural hall work together with faculty and staff members of the Office of Residence Life, International Students and Scholars, Ethnic Student Services, and the Foreign Languages Department to discuss opportunities for the community.

Akin Hall has two floors, each housing 32 residents. Each floor has a kitchen. The hall boasts a large main lounge with a piano and fire place. Rooms are double-occupancy.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Regular culture-based activities such as international cuisine nights, trips, celebration of holidays, and subsidized admission to performances and events.
  • Faculty involvement in activities and events.
  • Academic support via study sessions in lounges, assistance from LAs, and resources provided in the halls.
  • Subscriptions to international magazines and newspapers. 

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