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International Students and Scholars

Citizenship: Chinese
Hometown: Ninbo, China
High School: Cixi Ciji High School
Major: Biology

My name is Mengying He, but I use Vera as my English name. I’m from Ninbo, which is a port city near Shanghai, China. I’ve being study in Lewis & Clark since the fall semester of 2010. Reading novels and learning foreign languages are my hobbies. Doing yoga became my favorite thing to do when I finish studying after taking a yoga class during last semester. During weekends, I like to hang out with my friends downtown. With these friends, I don’t feel lonely; every day is a wonderful day.

I heard about Lewis & Clark College from my advisor when I told her that I was planning to study in the United States. She was impressed by the beautiful campus when she visited Lewis & Clark College. It is said that Lewis & Clark College has the second most beautiful campus in the United States. In addition to the environment, I realized that I can receive a great education at LC and I also have the chance to study in another country (LC has a great Study Abroad Program). Before I came to LC, I was worried about my English ability, and I think I needed to spend five years to get a bachelor degree since I have to take one year of English before I take any undergraduate classes. However, after applying to Lewis & Clark, I received several brochures, which introduced basic information, academic programs and surrounding environment of Lewis & Clark. I noticed that at LC, there is a program called AES (Academic English Study). It is different from similar programs in other Colleges or Universities because students can earn credits by taking AES classes, so they can graduate in time. This program is attractive to me, and it became one of the reasons why I chose LC.

After I came here, I was surprised by the weather of Portland.  Sunshine is a rare thing in Portland. In sunny days, you can find many people, including me, lying on a lawn and enjoying the sunshine, this phenomenon is interesting for me. After one week, a new semester will start, and I hope my next semester will be as colorful as the last three semesters.