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International Students and Scholars

Citizenship: Bhutanese
Hometown: Thimpu, Bhutan
High School: Ecole d’Humanite
Major: Psychology & International Affairs

I was born in Thimphu, of complete Bhutanese descent. The teachings of Vajrayāna Buddhism and traditional Bhutanese manners and principles carved the foundation of my views and behavior. At the age of six, I experienced major culture shock when I moved to Rome, Italy. Six years later I was introduced to another new world, leaving the nonchalant and carefree atmosphere of Italy and being immersed into the efficiency and austerity of Swiss life, as I entered boarding school.

While in Switzerland, I became passionate in the communal, academic and extracurricular activities I was engaged in. This period was extremely fruitful for me, especially in terms of academics as I managed to enter higher level classes and graduate early. At 16 I began applying to college. Lewis & Clark was recommended to me by my Psychology teacher, who I was close to and admired.

As graduation drew near I had been accepted to a couple of schools and offered scholarships. However, Lewis & Clark began to win over my favor because of the gorgeous campus and the constant information and warmth I received from the admissions office. Coming to Lewis & Clark, I have found that the staff are even more friendly and welcoming than I supposed, which was a pleasant surprise, and that the International Students truly have a strong support base.

I now intend to double major in Psychology and International Affairs and perhaps minor in German. I am a member of the Third Culture Kids board. After leading many groups and always having my hands full in high school, I wanted to experience a calmer first semester of college. That having been accomplished, I look forward to joining more clubs and hope to start a branch of the charity I ran in Switzerland here at Lewis & Clark.