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International Students and Scholars

Davis United World College Scholar
Mahindra United World College of India

Palem RohithI went to the Mahindra UWC and was a part of the Class of 2011. Born and raised in India, attending UWC was not a very big geographic challenge, but the culture of MUWCI was more of a shock to me. At the time of my admission into UWC, I remember my dad telling me “this place is like an open zoo on top of a hill. Well, I guess I’m just going to have to leave another animal inside the zoo.” I later realized that in many ways what he said was true. We were a bunch of young kid of different sizes and color brought from all across the world, geographically isolated from their homes and left on top of a hill to interact with each other.

This unique community was my family and home for two years and I had a marvelous two years at MUWCI. I love the international interactions that I had at UWC and this was one aspect that led me to Lewis and Clark.

Outside the classroom I love traveling and taking road trips. I am very fond of taking unplanned sudden trips and enjoy having an adventure without worrying about the consequences. I am very passionate about playing chess and have played chess regularly since the age of 10 up until attending MUWCI. I enjoy organizing events and games that involve the community getting together and having fun.

When I was younger, once in a while my dad asked me to check the current price of a particular stock on TV, because he did not have his glasses on. I would look carefully through the hundreds of stocks flowing across the screen and would give him an update. I never really understood what these numbers meant and it was all like a game to me. But as I grew older I developed a great interest in the stock market and one day aspire to become an investment banker.

At Lewis & Clark, I will probably major in Economics.  Political philosophy and environmental science are my academic interests.

Living in a natural environment inside a liberal city, having a small class size, helpful faculty and more resources thanks to the law school and the graduate school, a strong emphasis on international studies and study abroad programs, and most of all a strong sense of a warm community is what attracted me to Lewis & Clark.