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International Students and Scholars

Citizenship: Japanese
Hometown: Nagano, Japan
High School: Agatagaoka High School
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

I grew up in Nagano, which is in middle of Japan. I’m from a suburb of the city, so there is no cultural diversity. Most of my life, I spent in the city and I had not had a chance to have a relationship with the outside world, but I wanted to change this. So, after I graduated high school, I decided to study abroad.

Portland is a great city because it is safe and easy to access. I had a little bit negative view of public security in the US before coming to Portland, but Portland is a very safe city even right downtown. Also, public transportation makes it easy for me to experience the sights and culture. If it were not as rainy as now, Portland would be a perfect city.

Before coming here, I was accepted at another college and decided to study there. However, through the Academic English Program I attended at Lewis & Clark before going to that college, I came to think about studying here. Some reasons are that students and professors are nice and friendly, and Lewis & Clark has strong support for international students. I was given a great deal of help by the international student office throughout my application even though I didn’t make the admission deadline. This is just one example of how Lewis & Clark really cares for students.

I’m interested in studying Computer Science and Mathematics. The classes are hard, but since the class sizes are relatively small compared with other universities, professors worry about whether all students are involved, so I can get personal assistance.

As for my extracurricular activities, I play soccer. I really love to play sports, especially soccer. Last, but not least, Lewis and Clark has great internal communities, club activities, staff, professors and classes. While I’m here, I hope to get even more involved in Lewis & Clark and contribute to its community as much as possible.