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International Students and Scholars

Davis United World College Scholar
Mahindra United World College of India

Castelino TrushaaI come from the city of Mumbai (Bombay) on the West coast of India. Mumbai has too much of one single thing: people. And honestly, it’s what I love most about it. I lived there for 16 years, after which I was accepted into the UWC program and moved merely 4 hours away, putting me neither here nor there when it came to leaving ”˜home.’ Still, I didn’t mind being in limbo. At the Mahindra United World College of India, I stumbled into a community of two hundred diverse (and somewhat odd) individuals who were, for lack of a better word, stuck on a hill together. Meeting so many brilliant and warm people from across the world was overwhelming, and a little bit intimidating at first, but it soon manifested into one the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

The thing that I probably liked best about my time at a UWC was that people talked - about issues or non-issues. Not everyone cared about the same thing, not everyone agreed, and several argued with each other constantly, but they were all passionate. I’m glad I took hold of the opportunity to access so many different perspectives. I still remember the first ever student meeting I attended. The determination and ease with which opinions were raised was all very new to me. It was always a learning experience when someone had read the same book as me and could show me what has been lost in translation, or when I could listen to how my friends perceived Indian culture, or when I could access their cultures through them. The past two years have definitely altered the way I approach situations and have simultaneously made me cherish my freedom. But between battling cultural stereotypes and toilet-bowl-inhabiting frogs, I pretty much had a great time, made the greatest friends and learned that I would never be able to communicate efficiently if I took myself too seriously.

Talking over-emotionally about my UWC experience aside, what makes me the happiest is probably dancing. I don’t really think there’s a wrong way of doing it, and that’s always pleasant. Other than that, my favorite things continue to be reading, traveling, working with children and trying out different cuisines (which is a nice way of saying I just like to eat). I chose Lewis & Clark because it seemed like a very close-knit community and I was very excited by its global perspective. I plan on majoring in Sociology and Anthropology. I’m looking forward to trying new things at Lewis & Clark and hopefully finding a balance between that and developing the skills I already have. And getting to know different people, of course. That always keeps me going.