Career Planning

This page has valuable links for students who are interested in career development.

Jobstar: A web site established by California librarians. Topics include: Resumes, Career Guides, Salary Information, and Hidden Jobs. The resume section is helpful. It defines a resume, offers sample versions of chronological, functional, electronic, and curriculum vitae resumes. The section also addresses cover letters and gives samples. In the career section, there is information on specific careers.

Interview tips: This is part of a larger web site called Monster Careers Network. The best part of the web site is the “interview tips.” The site includes a “virtual interview” in which you are asked some tough questions. There are sample questions for you to ask the interviewer. The site includes tips on preparing for the interview (research, rehearse, relax), strategies for telephone interviews, and a interesting “interview planner.”

Your Personality

Personality Sorter: This web site features a personality test of 36 questions in two parts. It sorts your responses and categorizes your personality into one of four types—rationalists (Einstein and Margaret Thatcher), idealists (Gandhi and Eleanor Roosevelt), artisans (Ernest Hemingway and Barbara Streisand) or guardians (George Washington and Mother Teresa). The web site offers ideas of the type of profession that you might do well in, depending upon your personality type

Job Outlook: This web site is maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The “index” provides an extensive list of professions (from “A” Able seaman to “Z” Zoologist). Each profession is described, working conditions are provided, salaries are listed. Also of interest is the job outlook which offers predictions about whether the number of jobs in the profession are likely to increase or decrease in the future.

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