Financial Aid Fact Sheet

Why does Lewis & Clark award financial aid to international students?

Lewis & Clark seeks a student population which is culturally, economically, socially and geographically diverse. International students add to this goal and serve as valuable resources to the academic and social life of the campus. By providing financial aid, Lewis & Clark assists students who might not otherwise be able to enroll.

Who receives financial aid?

  1. Approximately 95% of the undergraduate international students receive aid.
  2. All nationalities are eligible for aid. No countries are exempted and no national quotas are used.
  3. New undergraduate and transfer students are eligible for aid, as are continuing international students.
  4. At Lewis & Clark most aid is need-based. Students who can demonstrate financial need are eligible.
  5. A limited amount of merit-based aid is available in the form of scholarships. Most of these scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, campus/community involvement, or outstanding achievement and are available to all students. Three scholarships, the Mary Dimond, the John Baumler, and the International Student Scholarship awards are reserved for international students.
  6. Exchange students from cooperating schools receive fee waivers as set forth in letters of agreement between the schools. Awards made as part of these agreements are not part of the financial aid budget or award process.
  7. Davis United World College Scholars are eligible for special financial aid consideration.  

How much financial aid is available?

  1. In 2019-20, approximately US$3,204,324 in financial aid and scholarships was provided to international students.
  2. In 2019-20, 72 awards were offered to new and continuing international students.
  3. In 2019-20, the average award for international students was $30,000 with a typical range from $17,000 to $33,000.

What is the procedure for applying for financial aid?

  1. Applicants must complete the College Board International Student Financial Aid Application. Forms must be accompanied by financial documentation (bank statements, letters from employers, etc.). Students must be admitted to Lewis & Clark before financial aid requests are considered.
  2. The deadline for financial aid is JANUARY 15, 2020. Applicants are notified by April 1, 2020. Awards are made for the 2020-2021 academic year which begins in September 2020.
  3. Students who begin their studies in the spring semester (January 2020) may apply for aid after the deadline, but funds are rarely available for a spring-semester entry.

What factors are considered in determining awards for new students?

  1. Financial Need: Students must demonstrate their financial need and must submit financial aid forms and required documents. Lewis & Clark evaluates the student’s need and, if resources permit, makes an award.
  2. Admissions Rating: The International Student Admissions Committee assigns a rating to each application as it is reviewed. The rating is based primarily on academic factors such as the quality of the applicant’s secondary school curriculum, grades, class rank, and standardized test scores. Other factors that affect ratings include recommendations, special talents, awards, leadership positions, etc. The rating affects both the chance for an award and the amount.
  3. Nationality: Although Lewis & Clark does not use a quota system, financial aid is awarded to promote diversity on campus. When several students from one country apply for aid, those with the best academic records are more likely to receive offers.
  4. Degree/Non-degree classification: Lewis & Clark gives a higher priority to degree-seeking students. Awards are made to non-degree students on a case-by-case basis and only when funds are available.
  5. No financial aid is available to students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree.
  6. Loan opportunities: Lewis & Clark considers whether or not low interest loans or student aid programs are available in the student’s home country. The availability of loans will generally reduce the student’s award. Lewis & Clark does not offer a loan program for students.

How is the amount of aid determined?

Lewis & Clark College tries to formulate a fair package that will meet students’ needs. Lewis & Clark subtracts the following from the total cost to obtain the amount of an award:

  1. Amount the college determines to be available from parents/sponsors
  2. Amount the student is expected to contribute through work ($2,000 maximum for new students and $2,500 for continuing students)
  3. Outside loans available

If Lewis & Clark cannot meet the difference, the institution either offers a lower amount of aid or informs students that their need cannot be met.

Is financial aid available to students who previously stated they had no financial need?

Students should be honest and open about their financial situation at the time of application to Lewis & Clark. Financial aid is almost never granted to students who initially enroll without benefit of aid.

  1. Awards normally continue each year until graduation as long as students meet the stated conditions. These conditions include:
    • Students must reapply by the deadline each year and demonstrate continuing need.
    • Students must be in good academic standing.
    • Students must be enrolled full-time and making normal progress toward their degree.
    • Students must demonstrate their commitment to contribute toward their education by working in legally approved on- or off-campus jobs and by earning approximately $2,000 for new students and $2,500 for continuing students each academic year.
    • Students must submit all financial documents requested by Lewis & Clark
  2. Students entering as freshmen are eligible for up to eight semesters (four years) of financial aid.
  3. Students who receive advanced placement or transfer credits are awarded a pro-rated number of semesters of aid. For example, a student who enters Lewis & Clark as a junior is eligible for four semesters of financial aid. A student who enters as a second semester freshman is eligible for seven semesters of aid.

Will the award vary from year to year?

The amount of a financial aid award normally does not change from year to year. Only rarely does Lewis & Clark decrease an award—such as when fraud is involved, when upward adjustments in income from home are reported, when there is evidence that there is less need than stated, or when students do not work. Lewis & Clark occasionally makes small upward adjustments in awards on a case-by-case basis (for hospitalization, documented family crisis, etc.). Upward adjustments are not made for tuition increases, withdrawal of a sponsor’s commitment, marriages, or pursuit of degrees by other family members.

What factors are considered in determining awards for continuing students?

  1. Continuing Financial Need: Students must continue to demonstrate need by resubmitting the required financial documents each year. Awards normally continue from year to year, as long as the student’s financial situation does not change dramatically.
  2. Compliance with requirements: For aid to continue, students must agree to: (1) maintain good academic standing, (2) enroll full time, (3) make satisfactory progress toward graduation, (4) demonstrate their commitment to contribute to their education by earning approximately $2,000 for new students and $2,500 for continuing students each year in approved work, and (5) submit all financial documents requested by Lewis & Clark.
  3. Work on or off campus: Recipients are expected to earn approximately $2,000 for new students and $2,500 for continuing students per year while enrolled at Lewis & Clark. This requirement not only helps a student demonstrate need, but it also provides additional funds for education. International students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session and up to 40 hours per week during vacation periods. Students cannot work off campus during their first year of study in the U.S.A. and must get permission from U.S. Department of Homeland Security for all off-campus work.

Other Working Principles

  • Financial aid awards are based on the following priority—from highest to lowest priority: (1) continuing students; (2) new first-year, degree-seeking students, (3) new students with transfer credit, (4) non-degree seeking students.
  • Financial aid awards apply to the costs of tuition and fees only. No aid is awarded for room/board, transportation, or other related costs. (Special consideration is made for Davis United World College Scholars).
  • Students are limited to two semesters of aid per year, normally fall and spring. Students may petition for a summer award, but it is a pro-rated amount and counts as one of the two semesters of aid for the year.
  • Students may apply their awards toward Lewis & Clark overseas programs.
  • Lewis & Clark does not usually grant significant increases in aid after students enroll.
  • Increases in awards are made on a case-by-case basis, and are not determined by the amount of tuition increase.
  • Lewis & Clark does not provide loans to students.
  • Fraudulent documentation can result in suspension of financial aid awards.
  • Lewis & Clark reserves the right to request and examine any records that pertain to a student’s finances. This may include, but is not limited to, bank statements, credit card records, payment records, and tax records.
  • Students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Award policies are established by the faculty Committee on Admissions, Awards, and Academic Standing.

Submit forms and inquiries to:

International Students and Scholars
MSC 192
Lewis & Clark College
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219