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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

Name: Asraa Jaber


Major: Math

Academic Year: 2014

Nationality: Iraqi

Countries Lived in: Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebnan, Jordon and United State

ISLC Board positions previously held:
The chairperson of publicity (2010-2011) and Vice President (2011-2012)

Position Applying for (please select one): President

1. Why are you interested in this position, and what assets could you bring to the ISLC Board and students in our community? (200 words)

I have always been involved with student organizations in my schools. I was in charge of many events and helped with many others. Having this experience as a leader and as a participant made me want to get more involved; so when I got to Lewis and Clark I become a member of the ISLC my freshman year. I have organized and assisted with events from the Multicultural Fair in 2011-12 and this year’s International Fair. I always try to innovate and come up with new event ideas, and I always seek ways to improve on existing traditions. The ISLC opened the doors for me to share these ideas and put them into action. As a person who served in the board for 2 years, I know how the international student government works.  Becoming President will give me further opportunities to serve the International/TCK and AES students by making the gap between American and the International students smaller by creating events that help them interact with each other.

2. If selected, what are your goals for ISLC? What would you like to see done? (150 words)

My primary goals are to see more participation from the American students in ISLC events and also see more interaction between American students and the International/TCK community. In other words, I would like to improve on the way we reach out to American students in order to have more interaction between them International students and the rest of Lewis and Clark community.   Increased interaction and participation by American students in ISLC events will help both sides to better understand each other and to learn more about each others culture, customs and countries.  I would love to see International students feel as if they are in their own home county, with everyone treating each other with the respect we all deserve and with all of us sharing our cultures with the student communities of the school. I want everyone to feel that they are welcome at Lewis and Clark.

3. Have you had any leadership experience organizing activities or events? If so, please explain briefly, what it was. Do you have any activities or events that you are interested in doing? (250 words)

I have had many leadership positions. I was the class rep from 3rd grade till my senior year in high school. I have also been a member of ISLC for two years, a co-chairperson of publicity (2011-2012) and the vice president (2011-2012). As a co-chairperson of publicity, my partner and I were in charge of publicizing different events that been hosted by the ISLC and in addition to that we had the chance to co-lead some other events like international music night (2010-2011). As for the vice presidents, I was in charge of organizing the ISLC’s biggest event which is the International Fair. I have also been in LINCS program for two years; I was a mentee last year and a mentor this year. I was also the country chair of Middle Eastern table for two years in the Multicultural Fair on fall semester in both my freshman and sophomore year. In addition to all of the above, I am a member of STAND (Peace club) which has hosted many events in LC like Japan talk last year. These positions
  have given me the chance to show that I am a good leader and also a good team member. What I want to see next year is more events that represent certain countries that people do not have a lot of information about so may have negative stereotypes. I would like to share the right information with them and make them learn about these countries with the help of the international students who are from these countries or Americans who are interested in the less well known parts of the world.

Please prepare a 250-word candidate statement.

I would love to see ISLC collaborates with the other organizations and clubs in the school in order to have bigger events that include both American and International/TCK students. As an international student/TCK, I understand that most of other international students feel a little uncomfortable engaging with American students when they first come to the United States. From a personal experience, I had hard time engaging with the community but getting involved with ISLC and other clubs helped me to meet and get to know more American students.

My goal for next year is to help other international students learn more about American culture by interacting with American students at ISLC and other events. That will also help American students learn more about international students and other cultures. These collaborations will help us get more ideas and more hands to make our events better and more organized. It helps because most organizations and clubs have many more American students than International student.

Another thing that I would like to see next year is for ISLC to offer outdoors trips for both international and American students to learn more about the beautiful city of Portland and the state of Oregon. We can make a budget for this activity if we organize it with other groups in the school. Alternatively we can explore near the school area where we do not need a lot of budget but in the same time it will help the students to meet others and learn about the school in the same time.  Another thing that I want to work on is getting feedback from other international students about the events that we are doing and give them the chance to volunteer in it. We can have a signup sheet in the ISS/ISLC office for the people who are willing to volunteer. I also like to have a website page for the international students to make comments and requests about what they need to change or suggestions about events. As a member of ISLC I will work hard to bring American students and International students together.