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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)


Name: Brenda Barnum


Major: Economics/Mathematics

Academic Year: Freshmen 2015

Nationality: USA/Japan

Countries Lived in: Japan, Singapore, USA

ISLC Board positions previously held: Secretary

Position Applying for (please select one): ISLC Representative to ASLC

1. Why are you interested in this position, and what assets could you bring to the ISLC Board and students in our community? (200 words)

I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in the Lewis & Clark community this year, especially being on the ISLC board. I am interested in being an ISLC representative to ASLC because it gives me the opportunity to be involved in two very important and influential groups on campus. I believe that it would be a very rewarding experience to be given the chance to serve as the bridge between ISLC and ASLC and be a part of helping to enhance the Lewis & Clark experience for the greater community. I believe that I could be successful in serving as the ISLC representative to ASLC because I not only see myself as an international student/TCK but also as a “typical” student, so I think it would be very interesting to serve as the bridge between the two groups as it in many ways represents who I am and how I see myself.

2. If selected, what are your goals for ISLC? What would you like to see done? (150 words)

It would be great to work on getting the greater community involved in our activities as well. I understand that this is a challenge that ISLC has faced on numerous occasions and I think that it would be great to be able to work on partnering with other groups on campus in an effort to get a wider range of students excited and interested in everything that ISLC does.

3. Have you had any leadership experience organizing activities or events? If so, please explain briefly, what it was. Do you have any activities or events that you are interested in doing? (250 words)

In high school, I was heavily involved in Habitat For Humanity, Students Against Destructive Decisions, and served as captain on some of my sports teams. These experiences gave me the chance to explore my interest in leadership and planning. Here at Lewis & Clark, I am involved in ISLC, Campus Activities Board, Rice Club, am a tour guide, and will be working with Campus Living next year. These activities have also greatly contributed to my commitment to leadership and organization. In addition, I had an internship at The Children’s Law Center in Washington, DC during my senior year of high school in which I worked in the Development office doing basic office work which taught me a lot about organization, and was also given the opportunity to help plan events, the biggest of which was the annual benefit which took place at the Kennedy Center. I hope to help ISLC plan events in collaboration with other student groups on campus next year to get as many students as possible involved in ISLC’s many events and activities throughout the year.

Please prepare a 250-word candidate statement.

I have really enjoyed serving as secretary on the ISLC board this year and hope to get the chance to serve as the ISLC representative to ASLC next year so that I can continue to help contribute to everything that ISLC does. ISLC is already a successful group with a strong presence on campus, but I believe that with a strong board, ISLC can continue to thrive.