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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)




Name: Lame Ungwang & Rita Ombaka

Email: &


Lame- Economics & IA


Academic Year: Sophomore

Lame- Botswana & Rita- Kenyan

Countries Lived in:
Lame- Botswana & Swaziland

Rita- Kenya & Swaziland

ISLC Board positions previously held:
Lame- Chairperson Students at Large

Rita- Chairperson of Activites

Position Applying for (please select one): Co-Vice Presidents

1. Why are you interested in this position, and what assets could you bring to the ISLC Board and students in our community? (200 words)

Rita and I have both have served on the ISLC board, and are familiar with its charter, its sphere of affiliates, and most importantly with how it functions. The vice presidency position prioritizes the international fair and having been a part of it all the time I have been here, I would appreciate the opportunity to further my engagement. I am keen on extending our sponsorship and showing our appreciation to most of the restaurants that International Students undoubtedly love. In addition, I would love to find more ways to allow for inclusive participation of the board members in the organization of the fair.

2. If selected, what are your goals for ISLC? What would you like to see done? (150 words)

As this position mandates, Rita and I have both been an integral part of the ISLC, and have first hand experience and views as to its strengths and its shortcomings. We have come to realize the importance of having simple, viable and practical goals; that is to say, as the ISLC we sometimes have an unrealistic view of what we can do (albeit inspired and altruistic). I feel we already have a handbook of activities that make a great menu for what the ISLC can do. The challenge is picking the most appropriate and far-reaching activities to engage our target communities. I would hope to be able to identify and strengthen those for a more engaged community.

3. Have you had any leadership experience organizing activities or events? If so, please explain briefly, what it was. Do you have any activities or events that you are interested in doing? (250 words)

At the United World College I attended in 2008-9, I was involved in numerous projects both on and off-campus (volunteering projects). Additionally, I served on the ISLC board (2011-2) as Chairperson of the Student at Large. As a result of both, I have extensive experience working in groups and coordinating different events such as African night, the Peace Day initiative and the grandiose International fair.

Please prepare a 250-word candidate statement.

LAME: The ISLC is an invaluable organ, which if used right can connect International Students to the wider Lewis & Clark community. With that said, I would like to acknowledge that this mission has for the most part been fulfilled, with much credit given to the boards that served in the past couple of years. In my first year at Lewis & Clark I witnessed a lot of the work that went into these various activities and events. However, I always felt that there was not enough done to facilitate maximum engagement amongst different interests to the ISLC for example the AES, UWC, TCK and MOSAIC etc. I became part of the administrative board to try and close the gap between our aims and achievements but my experience from within has been far from what I had anticipated. To cut the long story short, the ISLC can only do so much as its community needs therefore, if given the chance, I am dedicated to seeing that we deliver all of our events with full enthusiasm and precision to the best of our abilities.

Rita:I have always been a multicultural enthusiast. I love immersing myself into new cultures and allowing for people to learn some of my own. Being in the ISLC for the past two years have given me a chance to realize the need to not only be keen on showing people your own culture but also to embrace theirs as well. In the past, the board has tried to increase the attendance of American students to our events but I realize that we should also create avenues for International Students to do the same as well. I believe in and like to promote not only tolerance of other cultures, but a sense of inquiry about them and for people to be genuinely interested and active in finding out more about them. I believe that the ISLC board has great potential and I am passionate in fore running the advancement of the International and all its future events. Lame and I are passionate about exhausting all possible avenues to realize the potential of the ISLC board.