2019-2020 Executive Board Candidates

Candidates for ISLC Co-Presidents: 
Emma Franco Cecena ’20 and Daniela Zamora Alcaraz ’20

Daniela and Emma

As senior international students who have worked across the board in different positions throughout our LC experience, we have decided to run as co-presidents for the ISLC board this year. We have a shared vision for the board, in which we wish to improve, heighten and expand the functions of the Board’s representation and reach. We believe that as co-presidents we will be able to double our efforts to advocate and serve the needs of international, TCK and AES students (in other words, our community). Some of the priorities and projects we would take on as co-presidents would be to:

  • Improve how the board listens to the needs of our community by making more efficient processes for communication and feedback.

  • Strategize and coordinate fundraising efforts to address crucial needs of our community (i.e. setting up an internship fund for our community)

  • Better integrate the boards’ efforts, as well as our community, with that of other student unions and clubs.

  • Communicate and coordinate with on-campus offices such as the Career Center and the Health Center, among others, so that they may address the specific challenges that our community faces.

  • Improve the relationship of international students with other colleges in the city (e.g. PSU, Reed College).

  • Improve access to activities and events within the larger Portland Community by addressing specific challenges and needs, such as transportation and networking.

We believe that our previous experiences, skills and shared objectives will allow us to be effective leaders in materializing this vision. More than a club, ISLC is a student government, a body of scholars and a community of international peoples that we would be honored to serve.


Candidate for ISLC Vice President: 
Tobias Varntoft, 21’

Hi there! My name is Tobias Varntoft. I am from Terslev, a tiny village in Denmark. I am a rising junior and I am an Environmental Studies major with a Political Economy minor. I am running for the position of Vice President of ISLC. As the Vice President, I want to offer an opportunity to bridge the International students at Lewis & Clark College with the rest of the college. This has traditionally been done by the annual International Fair, and I will do my best to make sure that everyone feels represented during next year’s International Fair and throughout the academic year. Furthermore, I want to create a space for International Students where they can go to whenever they feel overwhelmed by the environment. Lastly, I will do my best to fulfill all of the goals set for the Vice President. Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity!
Candidates for ISLC Representative to ASLC:
Macarena Vives (Fall Semester)

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset My name is Macarena Vives and I am a rising Sophmore from Mallorca, a beautiful island in Spain. I am going to major in International Affairs and minor in RHMS and French. I am running for ASLC representative in the fall semester. This past year I have been a member of the ISLC administrative board. I applied to be part of the ISLC board as I want to help those who are joining us. Studying in the United States is an amazing opportunity, however, it can be very challenging too, as everything is different and new. When I got here, I felt very welcomed by everyone involved in the international office, like a second home, and I want to make those incoming students feel the same way. I want to be able to represent everyone and also make sure everyone feels represented in every way possible. I will do my best in order to make the international community feel welcomed and heard. The international student body enriches this campus in so many different ways, and we should let everyone here know that! 


Jady Brown ’20 (Spring Semester)


My name is Jady Brown and I am rising senior from Aruba. I am running for ASLC representative in the spring semester after having served on the administrative board of ISLC as the chairperson of publicity. I applied to be part of the ISLC board because I wanted to give back to the community that first took me in as a freshman and now I hope to represent it in the campus wide student body. I hope to give voice to the struggles of the international and TCK communities and help create a more inclusive campus in any way I can. I bring with me my dedication to ISLC, my genuine interest in the international community as well as whatever enthusiasm I can muster in three hour meetings. While I understand that I’m going to win by default, I want to make it clear that I still appreciate your vote.  









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