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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

ISLC Board Members 2017-2018
President: Vinaya Bharam ’19

I am Vinaya from Pune, India. I am an International Affairs and Economics double major. My past two years at LC and the United World College movement have taught me many values such as compassion and service, international and intercultural understanding, leadership and respect for the environment. As the President of ISLC, I would try to use these qualities to make ISLC more accessible for everyone. I would try to collaborate more with other clubs to increase the participation of the American students in ISLC events. I would also like to transform ISLC into a safe place for international students. I hope to achieve these goals and live up to the values ISLC stands for.


Bridget Flaherty, ISLC Advisor and Associate Director of International Students & Scholars

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m originally from Missoula, Montana, but I have lived in Portland on and off over the past fifteen years, and have spent time studying abroad in Austria and teaching English in Japan. When not at work, I love to travel, eat delicious food, cook, read, hike, cross-country ski, and explore Portland and the northwest.




 Vice President: Nhi Ho ’20

My name is Nhi. I’m from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I’m a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Before coming to Lewis & Clark, I lived in Singapore for 4 years. Since I have spent a third of my life living overseas, I have experienced both the excitement and the homesickness that an international student would typically have. Nevertheless, my experience overseas has shaped my curious and independent spirit. As this year Vice President, I hope to meet and interact with LC international students through our various events aiming to bridge international students with the wider LC community. I am also looking forward to organizing the annual International Fair where international students get the chance to showcase their talents and cultures.


ISLC Representative to the ASLC: Hongyi Jiang ’19

Hello, my name is Hongyi and I am a junior pursuing an art major here at Lewis & Clark.  I have lived most of my life in Changshu, China before spent two years abroad in Maastricht, the Netherlands. My passion for a liberal arts education and the experience of living in a dynamic city led me on the adventure to Portland two years ago. Surrounded by the many interesting souls I have met here in LC and Portland, I have grown into a more curious person. This fall semester, I am on a trip to NYC with my LC fellow students. Without doubts, I will miss my ISLC family and I cannot wait to return. I have served on the ISLC board in the academic year 2016/17. During my time with ISLC, my colleagues and I have been working together in integrating ISLC towards a more empowering institution that provides practical support to the international student body as well as a welcoming place for domestic students to join in. I am invested in the idea of enhancing the relationship between ISLC and the larger LC community, including ASLC, so that my fellow international students and TCKs can enjoy a healthy and fair environment. I would love to hear your thoughts and get to know you, please feel free to reach out!

Secretary: Yashshree Bisht ’21

Hello! My name is Yashshree but you can call me Yash. I am from Dehradun, India. I am a Freshman at Lewis and Clark and I want to major in English and Theatre. I am, also, the secretary for the ISLC this year! (yay!). I studied in UWCSEA in Singapore. I still hold on to the sense of idealism that I developed at UWC, and I value international and intercultural understanding. I am very passionate about bringing understanding and acceptance to our campus at Lewis and Clark. I love reading, anime, philosophy, theatre, Bollywood, Sense 8, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Harry Potter, and bubble wrap. Feel free to come and talk to me about anything. 

Chairperson of Activities: Elina Kudryavtseva ’18
My name is Elina, I am originally from Russia, specifically a southern Siberian city called Novokuznetsk. Although I moved to the United States as a child, I spent a significant portion of my life moving back and forth between the two countries, and Russian culture remains a huge part of my identity. At Lewis and Clark I study biology and have a double minor in neuroscience and art history. I’m excited to be able serve on this board to further cultivate the global culture we have at Lewis and Clark. 
Chairperson of Activities: Portia Uwase ’21

Hello! My name is Portia Uwase Zuba, I am from Rwanda, and I am a freshman at Lewis and Clark. Coming to the US was a huge adjustment for me, and I don’t think I would have transitioned smoothly had it not been for ISLC. I want to be able to return the favor to incoming freshmen both international and new students at large. I also hope to learn from my colleagues while I am in this position. I am hoping to major in either Economics or International Relations or maybe even both! I usually have Rwandan coffee in my room so anyone who would just like to hear more about where I come from or to just have a cup of coffee is welcome!

Chairperson of Budget and Finance: Xiaohan Qiu ’19

I am Xiaohan Qiu from Xian, China. I am a junior majoring in Mathematics. In the past two years I’ve attended different kinds of events hold by ISLC and enjoyed them. So I am really happy to become a board member this year and be more involved into the international students community. My position this year is the Chairperson of Budget and Finance. Hope we can make effective use of our budget and bring you guys some wonderful events.


Chairperson of Publicity and IT Advisor: Jaweal Hakoum ’20 

I am a sophomore. I was born and raised in Syria. I came to Oregon at the age of 13 and graduated from David Douglas High School in 2016. Although I am very passionate about Chemistry and Biology, I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Neuroscience. I would like to become a Dentist in the future. During my spare time, I enjoy watching comedy series, reading, and hanging out with friends. In the past five years, I have adopted a few American values, however my culture remains a huge part of my identity. I am very thrilled to learn more about the cultures and people here at LC!

Chairperson of Publicity and IT Advisor / TCK Representative: Jasmine Bruinooge ’20 
Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and I am a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and French Studies. Although I was born to a Japanese mother and an American father, I have lived all my life before Lewis & Clark in the two cities of Japan, Fukuoka and Tokyo. I am very excited to be your Chairperson of Publicity and IT Advisor / TCK Representative! There are many fun and exciting events planned this year for ISLC so be sure to look out for posters on campus and updates on social media! I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all!
Student at Large: Ming Liao ’19

Hey friends, my name is Ming. I am a Junior currently majoring in Mathematics. Reading/doing calligraphy/watching soccer game are my hobbies! I also like exploring new skills: I just started to learn the saxophone from last year! But! Food is always the most essential part of my life, though I am not good at cooking. It is my honor to be part of the ISLC board, especially the position of student at large! Hope everyone in our community could get involved in ISLC and create a warmer home for people in need!


































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