ISLC Board Members 2022/23


Executive Board


President: Pari Magphanthong,

Senior, Class of 2023 Pari

Hello everyone! My name is Pari (PAR-ee). I use she/her pronounce. I am a senior majoring in psychology and economics. I am from Thailand. This year, I will be serving as the president of the ISLC. I spend most of my free time cooking and baking (send me the recipe of your favorite dish from your home country!). You can find me roaming around Fred Meyer and Downtown Portland on the weekends. I look forward to an amazing year to come. I cannot wait to meet all of you!


Vice-President: Igor Gromović

Sophomore, Class of 2025

Igor Gromovic

Hello everyone! My name is Igor and I am currently serving as the Vice President of ISLC. I am looking forward to another very interesting year for all of us, including the much anticipated International Fair that’s happening in March! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding ISLC or if you have any suggestions!


ISLC Representative to ASB Cabinet: Flavio de Pina Soares de Carvalho

Senior, Class of 2023


Hello! My name is Flavio and I will be representing the international students to the ASB cabinet. I am a senior from Austria/Cape Verde and love to cook, eat and converse. Very excited to only have a year left!


ISLC Representative to ASB Senate: Vaani Aryaki (only serving for Fall 2022)

Senior, Class of 2023


Hello! My name is Vaani and I use she/her pronouns. I am a senior majoring in economics. At LC you will either find me at the circle tables in the library or catching up with friends for endless hours at the field’s dining hall. However, you will usually see me running around from one place to another around campus. My favourite hobbies include working out, painting, watching movies, going on long walks and trying new foods.



Administrative Board


Chairperson of Activities: Kenan Imamović

Sophomore, Class of 2025


Hello! My name is Kenan. I am excited to serve as the Chairperson of Activities this year.


Chairperson of Budget and Finance: Adin Dajdžić

Sophomore, Class of 2025


Hello! My name is Adin. This is my second year with the ISLC Board as the Chairperson of Budget and Finance. I am excited to be part of the ISLC again!


Chairperson of Public Relations: Lila Khammash

Senior, Class of 2023


Hi! My name is Lila. I’m a senior IA major with a minor in entrepreneurship. I’m Palestinian. I don’t have hobbies but I am addicted to the sun and I love being a friend. I am the chairperson of public relations. I am excited to be part of ISLC this year.


Chairperson of Social Media and Advertisement: Lazar Tripinović

Freshman, Class of 2026


Hello! My name is Lazar Tripinović. I’m a freshman from Belgrade, Serbia. Before coming to LC I lived for two years in Tanzania, where I went to UWC East Africa. I’ll be majoring in IA and French. I’m in charge of ISLC’s Social Media and Advertisement this year.


Third Culture Kid (TCK) Representative: Savannah Bishop

Sophomore, Class of 2025


Hi! My name is Savannah, I’m a sophomore and I use she/her pronouns. Some of my hobbies here at LC include hanging out with my friends, exploring Portland, being in nature, cooking, and co-running the TCK club! My position on the ISLC board this year is the TCK (third culture kid) representative to the ISLC government, which means that I relay information between the TCK club to the ISLC, coordinate events on behalf of both clubs, and much more!


Academic English Studies (AES) Representative: Polly Ren

Class of 2026


Hello everyone! My name is Polly Ren. I am an international student who comes from China. My major is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This is my second year at L&C. I am the Academic English Studies (AES) Representative this year. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with ISLC and I am looking forward to bringing L&C students fantastic activities with other ISLC members!



   Organization Structure & Responsibility