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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)


 ISLC Board Members 2019-2020

Co-President: Emma Franco ’20

Emma is currently an Economics and International Affairs senior who comes from Sinaloa, México. Some things she loves are musical theater, singing/karaoke, obscure podcasts, meeting new people, traveling Europe on a budget, and late night conversations. 
Catch her at Maggie’s and say hi!

Co-President: Daniela Zamora Alcaraz ’20

Daniela comes from Mexico City and she is an International Affairs major and a Political Economy minor. Daniela enjoys dancing, cooking, exploring museums and street markets.

Bridget Flaherty, ISLC Advisor and Associate Director of International Students & Scholars

I’m originally from Missoula, Montana, but I have lived in Portland on and off over the past fifteen years, and have spent time studying abroad in Austria and teaching English in Japan. When not at work, I love to travel, eat delicious food, cook, read, hike, cross-country ski, and explore Portland and the northwest.

Vice President: Tobias Varntoft ’21

This is Tobias Varntoft, our current vice-President at ISLC. He is a junior who is an environmental studies major and political economy minor and he is from a small village. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to learning, but beyond that he loves to hike & to socialize with his friends. You’ll definitely spot him at one of the clubs / symposiums at Lewis and Clark.

ISLC Representative to the ASLC: Jady Brown ’20

Hello! My name is Jady and I’m the ASLC representative. My hometown is Oranjestad, Aruba in the Caribbean. I’m a senior history major writing my thesis this semester which means you can almost always find me in the library. I love to read, cook, and visit aesthetic cafes. Although this is my last semester at LC, I still hope to create a more inclusive and supportive campus by way of the senate as well as events I help organize through ISLC.

Chairperson of Activities: Francisco Perozo ’23

This is Francisco. He is from Caracas, Venezuela. His academic interests are Environmental Studies and Chinese Language. His favorite sport is swimming and his favorite place on campus is the bon. Feel free to reach him at (at the bon) any time.

This is Francisco. He is from Caracas, Venezuela. His academic interests are Environmental Studies and Chinese Language. His favorite sport is swimming and his favorite place on campus is the bon. Feel free to reach him at (at the bon) any time.

Chairperson of Budget and Finance: Lila Khammash ’23

Lila is a Palestinian-Bosnian freshman who grew up in Amman, Jordan. She is considering majoring in International Relations and enrolling in Law School afterwards. Lila enjoys discussions about politics and economics, and is very passionate about the Palestinian cause. Catch her chilling at the Bon or studying in the library!

Chairperson of Publicity: Pari Magphanthong ’23 

Pari is from Chonburi, Thailand. She is still undecided on the major but very interested in Psychology and Economics. She likes to cook, specifically Thai food. She spent most of her free time watching comedy tv shows. If you see her wander around campus, say hi and stop for a chat if you feel like it.

Chairperson of Publicity: Flavio de Pina Soares de Carvalho ’23

Flavio is a freshman from Austria and Cape-Verde currently studying International Affairs and Art History. He is passionate about photography, European art and cooking.

Student at Large: Minami Yamauchi ’22

Minami is a SOAN-major sophomore who comes from Tochigi, Japan. He also lived in Armenia for 2 years.

He loves spicy food, spices from different countries and regions in the world, cooking, traveling around the world, and discussions on linguistics and education. 
 Catch him eating multiple plates at the Bon and say hi!

Student at Large: Natalia Thorup ’22

Natalia is currently an International Affairs and Biology Junior from Lima, Perú but she grew up moving around in many different countries. She loves traveling, learning, and is passionate about the environment.

You can usually find her working at Maggie’s, feel free to say hi!

TCK Representative:  Mari Gourlay ’23

Mari was originally born in Pohnpei and relocated to the U.S.A at the age of 7, where she moved 5 more times within 10 years. She spent the last year in Germany with a host family. She is excited to figure out her major and explore what LC and Portland has to offer. She loves boba tea and studying at Maggies. If you see her around campus, say hi!

AES Representative: Wedjan ’20

This is Wejdan, our current AES representative at ISLC, who comes from Saudi Arabia. She holds a BS in Computer Engineering and will pursue a master’s degree in Washington, D.C. Wejdan enjoys reading books about lost civilizations and ancient history, also she enjoys staying active and experiencing all that Portland has to offer.

If you see her around campus, say hi! سلام

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