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International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)




ISLC Board Members 2014-2015


Hawi, President 

I am a Senior Economics major born in Ethiopia and raised in Germany. I have been part of ISLC since last year where I served as Chairperson of Activities and I liked it so much, I decided to continue in a different role. Now I am happy to serve as the Representative of the International students of L&C and hopeful that we will act as a supportive organization for international students and host great events that foster more interaction and a better relationship between students of different backgrounds. 

In my free time, I like to day dream..a lot!


 Mariane Diaw, Vice-President 

I grew up in Dakar/Senegal. I went to school in Dakar up to grade 11. Then I was selected to attend UWC Pearson College in Canada. It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with over 200 students from others cultures and background. Now, I am a Davis Scholar at L&C. So far, I am aiming to major in Economics and minor in Maths. My plan this year is to make ISLC more effective to students and achieve greater outcomes in ISLC events. As vice president of the L&C international community, I will do my best to fully meet my commitments about my position and make the International Fair 50th anniversary a huge success!


 Lindokuhle Simelane, ISLC to ASLC representative

Born and raised in the Kingdom of Swaziland. My hobbies include playing and watching football(soccer), watching movies, shopping and hanging out with friends. I am extroverted, fun-loving and real easy to get along with. I’m not a fan of reading, spiders or chocolate (Yes CHOCOLATE!) . My favourite foods are; chicken (grilled, fried, boiled, you name it!), frozen yogurt, salmon and sushi.


 Rinyuda Promphenrangsi, Secretary

Hi! My name is Rinyuda Promphenrangsi, but I usually go by Pa. I am an ordinary 19-year-old girl from Ayutthaya, Thailand. I was graduated from Mahindra UWC of India in 2013. Currently, I am a sophomore student here at Lewis and Clark college, majoring in Economics and minoring in Russian. This is my first year as a part of ISLC board and I am super excited about it! I like watching movies and food is my favorite! I love cooking too and always excited to learn any new recipes. I’m looking forward to work with ISLC this year and continue spreading the cultural understanding within Lewis and Clark community! 


Dingwen Sun, Finance

Our new Chairperson of Finance & Budget – meet Steven (Dingwen) Sun. WOOHOO!

Born and raised in a beautiful southern island of China, I am a graduating Math senior with Econ minor. Except doing mind-burning math problems, I like traveling and playing all sorts of sports. This huge eager of getting involved and helping other international students drives me to pursue an ISLC position in my last year of college (hope it’s not too late). I’m so proud to take this position and finally get a chance to work with other awesome board members. I enjoy dealing with money, so my goal is not to mess up the bookkeeping of our annual budget and, most importantly, don’t lose track of money!

p.s: I love dogs


Angela An, Activities

I am Angela, a little female who grew up in China and finished high school in India. I love theatre, hobbies in dancing and hiking. I am a huge fan of food, but don’t know how to cook at all! It is my freshman year at Lewis & Clark. I will be working as the Chairperson of Activities on the ISLC Administrative board for the year 2014-15. The international community on campus makes me really excited to be working on the board with all the international students! 

Sina Heng, Activities

I am a small-town Cambodian girl and a single child of my family. I might not be lucky enough to have siblings, but I am fairly fortunate to being able to meet different people from all around the world. I like learning about the differences including interests and cultures. I spent 2 years in Wales pursuing International Baccalaureate before coming to Lewis and Clark. This is my second year here and I am majoring in Biology. In Khmer (official language spoken in Cambodia), we say “Sabay Chit” to express our excitement. And yeah.. I am excited to serve ISLC board as a chairperson of activities. I am looking forward to organising variety of events to engage both American and international students. OOHH.. also I like tea :)


Helena Lam, Publicity

I was born in Brazil but lived most of my life in Macau. Having come from a small and rather homogeneous town to the diverse community of America, particularly that of Lewis & Clark, is a very exciting experience for me. I am eager to take part in helping international students thrive in the community here at LC. Though being an Economics major, and probably a Math minor, my interests are not limited by numbers and formulas. My loves include playing the piano,  photography and arts (therefore I am thrilled to be the Chairperson of Publicity! ). Oh! And coffee-making! Hit me up and I’d love to make you a nice of coffee!


Junnan Lyu,Publicity

I am Junnan Lyu, a sophomore international student form China, majoring in Psychology. I also would like you to call me Jason. In my free time, I love to hike and travel and use my camera to capture every beautiful moment. I am definitely an approachable and patient person, so I am here to hear your voice about any ideas or suggestions for building a more dynamic and healthy international community in Lewis and Clark. I am a Blazer fan, a coffee drinker, an art fan…, so let’s go to downtown Portland and explore a tasty coffee shop, enjoy a wonderful art show, watch an amazing NBA game or any other ways you like to enjoy our time together!


Anri Ryan, TCK Representative

 Nick Ryan is a from Kawasaki, Japan. She was born and raised in Japan, with an American father and Japanese mother. She is a Biochemistry major and Art minor, and also a member of the TCK board. She enjoys watching American and Japanese comedy on her off time, and is excited to become a part of the ISLC community as she starts her second year at Lewis & Clark.





Thandwa Maphalala, Student at Large 

My name is Thandwa Maphalala and I am from the beautiful Kingdom of Swaziland. I am a junior Rhetoric and Media Studies major and Political Economy minor at Lewis and Clark. I enjoy playing around with graphic and communication design media. Outside of academics, I love spending quality time with my family and friends, singing, and watching the dating show “Take Me Out” South Africa. A fun fact about me is that I talk to Oprah in the mirror. It’s a thing! I look forward to being of service to the ISLC and the Lewis and Clark community at large.


Jessica Rosenblatt , Student at Large

Hello fellow peers! My name is Jessica Rosenblatt and I will be representing and commanding the ISLC Students at Large position for this upcoming year. My involvement with international students and scholars has defined my time here at Lewis & Clark, providing me with unbelievable experiences and life changing friendships.I have exciting ideas and a “carnival” like attitude that I hope to spread across the student body. I cannot wait to represent you, our peers and the entire LC community this year as a member of the ISLC board! And please feel free to contact me for all ideas, opinions, information and questions! 


Valcourt Honore, AES representative

My name is Valcourt Honore, from Port-au-Prince (HAITI). I attended Institut Oberlin, a private primary school at Port-au-Prince. After 7 years at Institut Oberlin, i moved to a national secondary school (lycée Jean Jacques Dessalines) Dessalines and i studied there for about four years. Then, I moved to Costa Rica where i attend an international school (United World Colleges of Costa Rica) which offers two years studies of the International Baccalaureate.
Now, I am a sophomore at Lewis & Clark College, double-majoring in economics and Foreign languages. I am the fifth child of my family, I really enjoyed listening to others and i also like to share about my culture.
And a fun fact about myself is that i love fried chickens. 


Hamdan Alameri, AES representative

Hamdan is a first year Economics major at Lewis and Clark College. While growing up in the United Arab Emirates, he published his first book, which was released last year. It included many meaningful stories that teaches children a multitude of lessons. Many scholars in his country have recognized Hamdan. He received the prestigiousZayed bin Hazaa Al Nahyan award for leadership. In Egypt he received third place in a competition for great speakers around Arabian countries. Hamdan has attended a wide variety of workshops in different areas such as leadership, time management, problem solving and more. In addition, he launched a club named “Egtanem Wagtek”in which he recruits children from his community to volunteer in many aspects of society, including assisting the elderly and helping with orphans. During his winter break, in December of 2014, Hamdan led two events for his club: a trip to Mecca and a festival for the children.


Parul Sohal, IT advisor

 I am a small city girl from India. In my free time I love to watch American TV series and eat cuisines from all around the world. Travelling is another thing that excites me immensely. Once I sailed around the world with my dad. I wish I can do that again. Planning to major in computer science, but have quite some time to decide that. While I am here in Lewis and Clark I hope to discover Portland fully and it to the list of places traveled.



Yuwei , Law/Grad & PDX-Outreach Advisor


I am from China and have been in the US since 2009. I have lived in Massachusetts and Minnesota, where I finished my undergraduate degree in psychology.  It is my second year as a graduate student in the Marriage, Family, and Couple Therapy program.  I strive to promote social justice and devote myself to advocate and work with marginalized populations.  I enjoy interacting with people and want to contribute to the welfare of international students!


Bridget Flaherty, ISLC Advisor and Associate Director of International Students & Scholars

I’m originally from Missoula, Montana, but I have lived in Portland on and off over the past ten years, and have spent time studying abroad in Austria and teaching English in Japan. When not at work, I love to travel, eat delicious food, cook, read, hike, cross-country ski, and explore Portland and the northwest.







International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC)

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