Short-Term Visitors Basics


Short-term (one day to six months) Exchange Visitors are invited international professors, researchers or professionals who teach classes or workshops, engage in symposia or demonstrations for reimbursement. Examples include a British professor who teaches in a graduate school summer institute for a month in the summer; a Pakistani newspaper editor who is invited to speak at the International Affairs Symposium; a professor from a Japanese sister-school who comes to campus to teach two courses on Japan for L&C students; a Latvian legal expert who visits Portland to co-teach a three-week class in the Law School.


Exchange Visitors must be qualified for the position; must be coming to the U.S. temporarily, with no intention of staying permanently; must have adequate funding from an outside source (not personal funds); must have insurance that meets government guidelines (our faculty insurance does not meet those guidelines, but the ISS office can arrange qualifying insurance); must demonstrate sufficient English language proficiency to function on a day-to-day basis and to complete tasks related to their exchange program; and, must meet restrictive immigration requirements (applicants already in the U.S. may not be qualified). Generally, these individuals are non-tenured, contracted, temporary employees of the College. Faculty or administrators who want to invite an Exchange Visitor must have the written approval of the Dean of the respective school.

Collecting required information about the Exchange Visitor and issuing relevant immigration forms may take three to four weeks. Security clearances and the visa application at a US Consulate abroad may take one to three months.


Decisions about entry visa categories will be made by Responsible Officers (ROs) in International Students and Scholars in compliance with Department of State guidelines. Decisions about employee designations, payment and benefits, and withholding will be made by the Business Office in compliance with Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Steps to be Taken

(1) The faculty member or administrator inviting the scholar must complete the Exchange Visitor Information Form and have it signed by the appropriate dean. Once approved and signed, the form can be sent to:

International Students and Scholars
FAX: 503-768-7301
Backup Fax: 503-768-7320.

(2) Simultaneously, the sponsoring faculty member/administrator will ask the Exchange Visitor to complete a similar form. The form, entitled Exchange Visitor Form - For Professors, Researchers, Professionals, and Selected Students can be printed out by the Exchange Visitor, completed, and sent by email attachment or fax to:

International Students and Scholars
 FAX: 503-768-7301
Backup Fax: 503-768-7320

(3) As of January 5, 2015, the Department of State also requires that applicants for J-1 visas possess sufficient English language proficiency to function on a day-to-day basis and to complete work tasks related to their exchange visitor program.  Lewis & Clark faculty or departments hosting exchange visitors should complete an English Language Certification form for each exchange visitor they host, and return it with the supporting proof to the International Students & Scholars office.  If an interview is used to certify the exchange visitor’s English language ability, an Interview Assessment Report should be completed and returned to ISS documenting the interview.

(4) Once both forms (from the faculty/administrator and the Exchange Visitor) are received, ISS Staff may be required to contact the Exchange Visitor for clarification about past stays in the US, past visa statuses, etc.

(5) When assured that the Exchange Visitor is eligible for J-1 Exchange Visitor status, ISS will issue Form DS-2019 and mail it with accompanying information directly to the Exchange Visitor. Form DS-2019 can be issued in a day or two once the completed information is received.  However, the Department of State prohibits electronic transmission of the form—it must be mailed in hard copy so please plan accordingly.

(6) The Exchange Visitor takes the Form DS-2019, his/her passport, letter of invitation, English Language Certification, and financial support documents to the US Consulate in his/her country and applies for a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa.

Questions / Concerns

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Brian White, Associate Dean of Students
International Students and Scholars
Lewis & Clark College-MSC 192
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, Oregon 97219
TEL: 503-768-7307
FAX: 503-768-7301