Campus Mailroom Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday

Department (campus) deliveries
10:00a Staff window opens (window #2)
10:30a UPS Delivery
10:30a FedEx Delivery
11:00a Student window opens (window #1)
11:30a USPS delivers to the Law School
11:45a USPS delivers to the mailroom and picks up outgoing mail
12-1p Staff window closes for lunch
3:00p FedEx pickup - Mailroom needs to call for pick-up by 2:00p
3:00p UPS pickup
4:00p Staff window closes
4:30p Student window closes

If you work or have class during normal window hours, or are immunocompromised and would like to come by before we open, email to schedule a pickup time that will work for you.

Saturday - Sunday

No mail service.

USPS will hold mail for Monday delivery.