Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my student mailbox, and how long will I have it?

Each undergraduate student is assigned a mailbox, located adjacent to the mail room in Templeton Student Center. You will have your mailbox for the duration of your studies.

What happens to my mail if I study off campus or take a leave of absence?

If you participate in a Lewis & Clark Off-Campus or Overseas Program, your mail will be forwarded to the address provided by the Registrar’s Office.

If you take a Leave of Absence, you should contact the Registrar’s Office with a forwarding address. They will update us once they have your address.

What happens to my student mailbox during the summer?

Student mailboxes will be closed in the summer months unless a request from you for continued service is submitted to Mail Services. Students will receive an email from Mail Services about a month before school is out in the spring to explain the procedures for summer mail.

When does my mail get put in my mailbox and what happens if it is too big to fit?

All incoming mail is sorted into student mailboxes on the day that it arrives on campus.* If it is too large to fit in the box, a notice in the box will direct the student to the service window for pick-up.

How do I know if my package has arrived? When can I collect it?

Once your package is scanned into the mailroom, you’ll get an automatic notification sent to your Lewis & Clark email address. This email is separate from the email you may receive from the delivery service. If you have not received your notification, your package is not ready for pickup. Once you receive your notification, wait at least 30 minutes before coming by so you’ll know it’s been sorted for pickup. Bring your ID and you’ll be able to sign it out at the window.

What if I receive a perishable package?

When a perishable package arrives for you (flowers, medication, perishable food, baked goods, etc.) we will send you an email at the time that it’s checked in and ask that you come and pick it up right away. We have [limited] fridge storage available in the mailroom until you’re able to come by.

How long will the mailroom hold my package?

We hold packages for one month. After that, they will be returned to sender.

My package never arrived to the mailroom. What should I do next?

We can help you to investigate using a tracking number, by contacting your delivery service or by directing you to next steps for recovery or compensation. Keep in mind that several services handle your mail before it arrives at the mailroom for its final step, so there are many reasons behind why it may not have arrived.

*Please note: Mail that contains a missing or incorrect MSC number enters a separate search and sort procedure which may delay its arrival to you. Please be sure to include an MSC number on all mail, including online orders.