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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my student mailbox, and how long will I have it?

Each undergraduate student is assigned a mailbox, located adjacent to the mail room in Templeton Student Center. You will have your mailbox for the duration of your studies.

What happens to my mail if I study off campus or take a leave of absence?

If a student goes on a Lewis & Clark Off-Campus or Overseas Program, their mail will be forwarded to the address provided by the Overseas Office.

If a student takes a Leave of Absence, they should contact the Registrar’s Office with a forwarding address. They will then get the information to us.

What happens to my student mailbox during the summer?

Student mailboxes will be closed in the summer months unless a request from you for continued service is submitted to Mail Services. Students will receive an email from Mail Services about a month before school is out in the spring to explaining the procedures for summer mail.

When does my mail get put in my mailbox and what happens if it is too big to fit?

All incoming mail is stuffed in student mailboxes on the day it arrives on campus. If it is too large to fit in the box, a notice in the box will direct the student to the service window for pick-up.

What if I receive a perishable package?

When a perishable package arrives for you (flowers, food that needs to be refrigerated, cake/cupcakes, etc.) we will promptly send you an email and ask that you come and pick it up right away.  

Mail Services

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