Shipping Services


Follow these instructions so that the items you ship here will be available when you arrive on campus. Please take precautions to properly protect and secure the items in your boxes, so that they will not arrive here broken or damaged. All shipments must be prepaid. Sorry, but we cannot accept COD shipments.

Ship your items via UPS, FedEx or USPS. If you are a new student, plan to have your belongings arrive in Portland by August 27th, but not arriving prior to August 14th. **Please only send your essential items and limit your boxes to 3. Be sure to keep individual package weight under 50lbs and in boxes that are a manageable size. You will be responsible for getting your items to your room. Once school starts, you can order any other items you may need!

If you are a student athlete and are required by your coach to arrive earlier than August 20th, bring all the items you will need for pre-season practice with you, including towels and bedding. You won’t be able to access pre-sent boxes until August 28th.

ADDRESSING YOUR BOXES: If you send 3 boxes, mark each box “1 of 3,” “2 of 3,” “3 of 3”. Please write the name of your residence hall and “NSO” on every box you ship. You should’ve received an email with your MSC (mailbox #), which is important to always include. Address your boxes and all future items as follows:

Your Name - MSC # (insert your msc # here)

615 S Palatine Hill Road, Portland OR 97219-7899

Also, remember that you are always able to purchase items here. Oregon has no sales tax so you might save yourself a decent chunk of change. We will have our free Pio shuttle that runs to the local Fred Meyer where you can pick up a lot of the essentials.


Mail Services accepts cash, cards and checks.

U.S. Postal Service

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Please note that there will be an additional $1 charge per package at the mailroom window. All packages are automatically insured for $100.

UPS Shipping Information

Most major cities in Oregon and Washington will receive next-day delivery with Ground services. Please see the Time in Transit Map for guaranteed ground shipping times from Lewis & Clark.

To determine the shipping time and cost, visit the UPS Calculator. This website offers an inbound transit view as well as an outbound transit view.

Federal Express

Forms for departmental charges must be picked up at the Business Office, located in Frank Manor House. FedEx packing supplies may be obtained from Mail Services.

*Please have EXPRESS shipments to the Mailroom by 2:00p so that we can call to schedulea same-day pickup. GROUND shipments will not be picked up until the next day.

To determine FedEx shipping rates, visit the FedEx rate finder website.