Detailed Contact Information

Call the Ombuds Office to get more information or to schedule an appointment. We also invite you to consider dropping by to check us out, during the weekly Open House hours.

As the Office is staffed by one part-time employee who may be talking to someone else when you call, please be sure to leave information about the times you can best be reached if you need to leave a message.

We strongly encourage you to call first instead of dropping by, as this is the way we can provide the most privacy and confidentiality for Ombuds Office visitors. E-mail isn’t a secure way to communicate, so you should use it to contact us only when a phone call is difficult to arrange.

When we return your calls, the Ombuds Office phone number and name shouldn’t show on the phone display. This is to provide an additional measure of confidentiality.

Valerie Craigwell White is the ombudsperson, and you can reach her at 503.768.7336. She normally works Monday-Thursday.

If you have an emergency, please contact Campus Safety, extension 503.768.7777, or dial 911.