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Spiral TreeWhat do you want? How can you get there?

From time to time it can be a good idea to pause and think about what matters in your professional and personal lives, and to give some serious thought to where you want to head. What are your hopes and dreams? What do you need? What is your current reality? What congruence is there between your values and how your work life is unfolding? The Ombuds Office staff can help you sort through questions such as these through short-term coaching, and resource identification.

Or maybe you've received feedback that your communication skills aren't as effective as they should be. Or someone has told you that you can sometimes sound defensive. Or you want some concrete help to increase you ability to solicit and consider additional perspectives in various situations. The Ombuds Office staff can help with issues such as these.

Not sure whether we can help? Call us and see how we could work with you, or refer you to someone who can.