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  • Congrats!

    What a touching inauguration. I am thrilled at your leadership and vision for this institution. Congratulations!

    Ann Dorris
    Head Women’s Basketball Coach

  • Congratulations!

    Congratulations on all of your success and this well earned appointment.
    We are lucky to have you lead us into what is sure to be a bright and beautiful future.

    Leandra Kroenig
    Payroll Manager

  • Congrats!

    It is well deserved, and I am thrilled to see all that you continue to accomplish.

    Michael Lee
    Assistant Director of Employer and Student Engagement

  • Congratulations

    I am a new member of the Board of Alumni and happy to be serving in this new role at the same time my beloved L&C is seeing some amazing and positive changes! Congratulations.

    Jennifer Kerns BA ’90
    Member, Board of Alumni

  • Congratulations

    I hope everything you do goes smooth and wish you the best.

    Kyler Washington BA ’23

  • Congratulations

    I am excited to see where your leadership can take this institution. So proud to have you as our new president!

    Mackenzie Zubar-Williams

  • Congratulations

    I am so excited for your era as president to begin. I know you will do great things as our new leader. I hope you continue to remember that you have a group of supporters and encouragers behind you. I am encouraged and inspired by you becoming our new president. I know you will continue to evoke change that is for the betterment and sustainability of the college and students at large.

    Joslyn Armstrong

  • Congratulations

    Congratulations and best wishes!

    Stacey Caldwell-Roberts

  • Congratulations

    Robin—congratulations on your history-making inauguration! Watching the ceremony, I felt proud to call myself an alum (and staff member). I look forward to working with you and supporting you as you guide this institution forward toward ever more great things!

    John Aney BA ’88
    Senior Advancement Officer

  • Congratulations, Dr. Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan

    May your signature brand of excellence abound at Lewis & Clark!

    Jeannette Fisher-Kouadio JD ’96
    Cornelius Honor Society, Member

  • Congrats!!

    Congratulations—what an exciting day! Looking forward the direction your leadership steers us in the coming years.

    Natalya Hill
    Assistant Director of Donor Engagement, Phonathon and Student Philanthropy

  • Let’s Celebrate!!

    Dear Robin, congratulations!!! I am jumping for joy and oh-so grateful that you have been named president. We are so fortunate to have you at the helm—and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

    Vanessa Holmgren
    L&C Staff

  • We Welcome Your Leadership

    My wife and I are thrilled to anticipate your leadership of L&C into a future of such world complexity. Keep our reunions and celebrations going so we can stoke our mutual enjoyment!

    Rand Dawson BA ’70

  • Congratulations!

    Congratulations, Dr. Robin Holmes-Sullivan on your historic role as president of Lewis & Clark. We wish you continued excitement, excellence, and creative leadership. We send our blessings.

    Alberta Shields-Wooten and Hal Wooten

  • Congratulations

    From one bball player to another: you made all the stuff they told us about being on the team come true: you are successful and have done great things and will continue to do more. Go team.

    Aaron Beck
    Professor of Music

  • Happy that you are officially at the helm

    L&C is extremely lucky to have had the type of leadership and compassion in our Student Life office. It is exciting and refreshing to know that this same level of expertise will be carried over to the presidency. We are proud to have you as our 26th president.

    Wendy Finch
    Facilities Operations Coordinator

  • Congratulations!

    Wishing you all the best in your new role! I’m so excited to work with you in this new capacity. I look forward to what we can do as an institution with you as president!

    Anastacia Dillon
    AVP for Financial Aid

  • Congratulations!

    Congratulations, President Holmes-Sullivan! I look forward to all of your great work for Lewis & Clark.

    Christine Tracey JD ’01
    Law School Board of Visitors

  • Celebrating Your Leadership!

    What a fabulous inauguration welcoming leadership with heart and courage. Dr. Holmes-Sullivan, thank you for stepping up in this role and we will all benefit from your leadership. Congratulations!

    Rachel Greben
    Contract and Administrative Specialist
    GSEC Finance and Operations

  • Congratulations

    Congratulations on all your success and achievements! You are paving the way and setting an example for so many of the Black students at L&C!

    Star Burton

  • Congratulations

    Dear Dr. Holmes-Sullivan, I am excited that you will be leading Lewis & Clark and look forward to you executing your vision.

    Michele Okoh

  • Congratulations

    I met you in San Francisco. Looking forward to seeing you and your spouse.

    Rebecca Pinto BA ’77

  • Dear President Holmes-Sullivan,

    You are an inspiration to Black girls and women who see what you have accomplished and know that they too can reach their professional goals.

    Stacy Thompson

  • Congratulations!

    I join the many voices celebrating you and all you have brought to the L&C community. I look forward to the years ahead, and I am proud to be an alumna and long-time staff member!

    Emily Decker BA ’85
    Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement

  • President Holmes-Sullivan

    Congratulations and best wishes as you lead Lewis & Clark into the future. Don’t hesitate to call on your community of friends and supporters along the way!

    Velma Johnson EdD ’07

  • Congratulations, Robin!

    You have my best wishes for a wonderful inaugural celebration, and I look forward to your leadership at the helm of our fine institution. Lewis & Clark is lucky to have you.

    Kim Cameron-Domínguez, PhD
    Assistant Professor

  • So Glad You Are Here!

    Congratulations to you (well, us). What an honor it is to have you as our leader and comrade. I wish you a wonderful tenure in your new role.

    Meleani Bates MA ’21
    Adjunct Faculty

  • Congratulations!

    You have been such a thoughtful leader in your time at Lewis & Clark, both prior to assuming the presidency and in the months afterwards. You are much appreciated!

    Best wishes!

    Barb Balko
    Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Exciting time for L&C!

    Big congratulations, Robin! We’re thrilled for you, and the future of Lewis & Clark! We are fortunate to have your leadership and dedication at a very exciting time for the L&C community!

    Ryan Gardner
    Capital Projects Coordinator

  • Congratulations

    Thanks for keeping our school relevant.

    Sandra Jackson BS ’58