Presidential Search

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Selecting Our Next President

Updated July 12, 2021

The search for Lewis & Clark’s next president is underway. As we begin, the committee co-chairs, Trustees Paula Hayes BS ’92 and Pat Mahaffy BA ’85, and our search consultant, Summit Search Solutions, would like to hear from members of the campus community.

We have scheduled five virtual sessions in July for faculty, staff, and students to share their perspectives with members of the search committee and the search consultant. The input you provide will help us build the position profile of our next president.

We would like to hear what you think are the opportunities and challenges facing our next president, as well as any particular priorities, themes, or attributes you feel the search committee should keep in mind. If you would like to participate, please RSVP using the appropriate link below. You will then receive information necessary to access the hour-long Zoom session.

Presidential Search Input Sessions

If you have a highly qualified person in mind, someone who might be well poised to lead us into the next phase of our history, you may nominate a potential presidential candidate for consideration. Nominations should be made directly to the search consultant at

After these initial opportunities for input, the search consultant and search committee will develop a position profile to use in recruiting candidates, which will also be posted on this webpage. We will then work to build and consider a strong and diverse pool of candidates. As the search gains momentum in the fall, we will update the community at moments of key progress. The Board of Trustees, which is solely responsible for the hiring decision, will consider recommendations from the search committee when hiring our next president. Our goal is to complete the search by the end of 2021 or early next year.

Presidential Search Committee
Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to share input regarding the presidential search directly with their appropriate faculty, staff, or student representatives to the search committee.

Paula Hayes BS ’92
Pat Mahaffy BA ’85

Matt Bergman JD ’89
Jouni Korhonen BA ’82
Heidi Hu BS ’85
Chris Ohman BS ’77
Craig MacLeod
Libby McCaslin JD ’87
Patrick Nielson BA ’71

Faculty Representatives
Anne Bentley (, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Danielle Torres (, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
Tung Yin (, Professor of Law

Staff Representatives
Andrea Dooley (, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Operations
Eric Staab (, Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid

Student Representative
Sarah Lind-MacMillan CAS ’22 (, President of Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) 

About the Search Consultant
Summit Search Solutions is an executive search firm that specializes in higher education. Their team includes company president Carrie Coward; Dick Merriman, a former independent university president; Stephanie Rivas-Fowler (no relation to our Board chair), a recruiter who has worked closely with Lewis & Clark; and Tammarah Townes, a recruiter with extensive experience supporting presidential searches.

Questions? Comments?
Feel free to ask questions or share feedback with your representative on the search committee or contact