General Institutional Policy

The reproduction and distribution or sale of copyrighted materials for classroom use is unlawful unless (a) permission is obtained from the holder of the copyright or (b) use of the material is a “Fair Use” within the meaning of the copyright act. The unlawful use of copyrighted material in teaching or other activities at Lewis & Clark is prohibited.
Please follow this link for the process to follow to determine whether your intended use is a “Fair Use”, or to find resources to obtain the necessary copyright permissions:

Fair Use

You can also get to this site by going to the Watzek Library main page, clicking on the tab titled “About the Library”, and clicking on the Copyright link under Faculty Resources.

If you have obtained the right to make copies, or determined that your intended use is a fair use under the law, the copy center staff will ask you to sign a form to that effect and then will be happy to assist you with the copies you need for your educational purposes.”