Website Accessibility

Creating digital content that is accessible for all of our audiences is imperative for communications.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when adding content to a web page, story, event listing, etc.

  • Always add a caption to your image so screen readers can pick it up as alternative text for people with vision impairments.
  • Don’t upload PDFs to display content on your web pages because they may be inaccessible to screen readers.
  • Similarly, don’t upload an image that contains valuable information (like a graphic or flyer created on Canva) without also including the content as regular text on the page or in the image caption.

Examples of good vs. bad accessibility in web content

Good: important event details (date, time, location, description) are included on the page, and the event graphic has a caption.

Example of an event in LiveWhale with good accessibility

Bad: important details (time, location, description) are only on the event graphic, which does not have a caption. Example of an event in LiveWhale with bad accessibility