Social Media

Lewis & Clark is committed to creating dynamic digital spaces for students, alumni, faculty, staff, prospective students, and other community members. We believe that a unified social media community best serves our constituencies, strengthens the reputation of Lewis & Clark as a whole, and offers a quick and effective communication strategy.

The Office of Communications maintains the official Lewis & Clark College institutional social media accounts and supports the official Graduate and Law School accounts.

If you are interested in creating an institutionally affiliated social media account and want to discuss the process, strategy, naming conventions, graphic needs, etc., schedule a meeting with Digital Media Manager Devan Freeman.

Maintaining Institutionally Affiliated Social Media Platforms


  • We encourage and support our community in the creation of Instagram accounts for offices, organizations, or departments on campus. 
  • To identify yourself as an institutionally affiliated account, we recommend using our shield as your profile image.
  • Remember that on all social posts, you are representing your organization/department/office and therefore representing Lewis & Clark as an institution. Please be respectful and follow all best practices listed in this guide.
Instagram Features/Definitions
  • Posts: The photos and videos that are featured on your Instagram grid. This is a great way to share photos of your team, flyers for events, etc. Videos are included in this feature as well.
  • Stories: Vertical posts that disappear after 24 hours, unless you highlight them as a permanent feature on your profile. Use these to interact with your audience (take a poll, host a Q&A, share more “in the moment” images or videos).
  • Reels: Short videos that can be informative, funny, and engaging. Often will be seen by more than just your followers!
  • Live: Live stream to your followers. Not as frequently used, but can be a great way to answer questions, show a speaker, etc!
  • We encourage our student organizations, departments, and support offices to host a takeover on our institutional Instagram account to show what you do, introduce folks involved, and promote events and community engagement. Although we do our best to reach out to all parts of our community for this, it is always encouraged to email Devan Freeman to schedule a takeover!
  • Hosting takeovers on your own organizational account is a great way to interact with your audience.


  • Lewis & Clark Facebook groups may be created at any time. Facebook pages offer certain advantages over Facebook groups, but also come with additional responsibilities. Learn more about the differences between pages and groups.
  • Requests for institutionally affiliated Facebook pages are handled by Devan. Administrator privileges for the page will be granted to the person or persons responsible for maintaining the page content. Devan must always hold an administrator position on any official Facebook page. Learn more about Facebook’s terms for pages.
  • The cover images for all Lewis & Clark Facebook pages maintain a consistent graphic identity that is approved through the Office of Communications.
  • Communications reserves the administrative right to shut down Facebook pages that go dormant for more than six months.


A department email address or alias must be used when registering the account to ensure that a point of contact can always be reached.


We do not recommend starting a TikTok account for your office/organization/department due to the time commitment for content production. However, we are happy to work with any organization/department/office who would like to create a TikTok for our institutional account!