Video Brand Guide

PubCom manages Lewis & Clark’s three official YouTube channels—one for each school—populated with marketing videos made primarily by our office’s undergraduate student workers.

Subscribe to each channel so you can get notified when new videos are uploaded.

If you have any questions, would like to post a video to our channels, or would like to propose a video topic, please contact Vanessa Holmgren.

[Something brief here about how we make strategic decisions about video, what a marketing video is versus an event video, etc.]

If you have the budget to hire an outside company to create a video for your office or department, we’d love to lend our expertise to your project. We can do everything from recommend video production companies (including some run by L&C alumni!), to help with storyboarding, to collaborate on your script.

We use the guidelines to create videos that are engaging, on brand, and that celebrate the distinctiveness of Lewis & Clark. If you’ll be making your own video content, we encourage you to do the same.