Boilerplate Language

Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you need a paragraph to describe Lewis & Clark (the whole institution) or one of the individual schools, we have standard “boilerplate” language that you can use. It’s been vetted to be sure it hits all the most important points and is regularly reviewed to be sure it’s current. Don’t fret: just copy and paste one of the choices below and you’re ready to go.

Lewis & Clark (the whole institution)

from Strategic Plan—Pocket Plan (About Us)

Lewis & Clark is a premier academic destination for students and scholars from across the globe. Established in 1867 in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the college moved to Portland in 1942 to an unmatched wooded setting a few miles from the downtown core. Now comprised of a College of Arts and Sciences, School of Law, and Graduate School of Education and Counseling, we are home to approximately 2,000 undergraduates and 1,200 graduate and professional students. Each day our community lives the motto: Explorare, Discere, Sociare, meaning to explore, to learn, to work together.

from sesquicentennial pin card

Lewis & Clark has been sustained throughout its history by a broad and steadfast community: the students, faculty, and staff who learn and work on our campus, and the alumni and friends whose lives and professions demonstrate our values of innovative thinking, international perspectives, and the constant pursuit of knowledge and service.

Our vibrant, inquisitive community will grow ever stronger as we advance our motto for the next 150 years and beyond: to explore, learn, and work together.

from prospective student materials

Lewis & Clark’s beautiful campus—located only six miles from vibrant, progressive downtown Portland, Oregon—is home to three schools full of passionate professors and students.

College of Arts and Sciences

Some of the best language about the undergraduate experience comes from our materials for prospective students. The following paragraph provides a broad overview:

Our liberal arts education will inspire you to be a thoughtful participant in a diverse world while providing you with skills to pursue a meaningful career. We offer award-winning overseas programs to unexpected places and an expansive college outdoors program that will get you out on adventures in the Pacific Northwest. At Lewis & Clark College, our academics will inspire you, our professors will mentor you, and our community will embrace you. See why you belong here.

If you want or need to put together your own language, we encourage you to draw from the words and phrases below.

  • Challenge
  • Discover the world.
  • Discover your academic passion.
  • Discover your community.
  • Division III
  • Education in and out of the classroom
  • Embrace
  • Empowering
  • Exchange of ideas
  • Expert mentors
  • Expert professors
  • Explore the world and create your place in it.
  • Explore who you are.
  • Find your people.
  • Find your voice.
  • Independent
  • Inspired
  • Mentor
  • Open-minded
  • Passionate
  • Social justice
  • Support
  • Sustainability
  • Theory into practice
  • Thoughtful
  • Welcoming
  • You belong here.
  • Your Pacific Northwest home

It’s helpful to know what others say about us. The following is the description of Lewis & Clark College that appears in the 2019 Princeton Review and U.S. News college guides. It, too, is a good source of information for prospective students:

At Lewis & Clark, you will explore the liberal arts in small classes with an average size of 18. No matter which of our 29 majors and 32 minors you choose, you will learn to see connections others miss, creatively pursue the ideas you find most intriguing, and solve complex problems across disciplines. Entering first-year students benefit from our 4-5-6 Commitment, in which professors and professional academic advisors guide you through to a BA in four years, or we pay for your ninth semester. If you want to stay for five years, we have a pathway to our Graduate School of Teaching and Counseling that will get you an MAT + licensure in five years. Or in six years, you can earn your BA + a JD from our School of Law. Our location, just six miles from downtown Portland, offers access to internship and employment opportunities that you can explore with help from our Career Center and Bates Center for Entrepreneurship. Sixty percent of our students participate in our distinctive overseas study programs, the majority of which are led by our faculty and take place in countries outside of Western Europe. Our academics will challenge you. Our professors will mentor you. You’ll graduate from Lewis & Clark ready to take on the world!

What Athletics Says (CAS)

Approximately 20 percent of Lewis & Clark College students compete in varsity athletics. Lewis & Clark is a member of the Division III NW Conference. Our teams are known as the Pioneers, and our mascot is Pio, a Newfoundland dog. Learn more about the athletics visual identity [link to visual media guide athletics page].

Department of Physical Education and Athletics Mission Statement

The Lewis & Clark Department of Physical Education and Athletics supports and complements the college’s commitment to student exploration and discovery through a liberal arts education. The department is dedicated to developing and educating students through high-quality experiential learning opportunities in physical education, wellness, and varsity athletics.

The department’s core values are








Visit the Athletics website.

Graduate School of Education and Counseling

This official language about the graduate school comes from the web and the academic catalog:

The Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling is a community that values the rich diversity of voices and perspectives in a complex world. We promote open dialogue, inquiry, respect, and social action to enhance the learning of adults and children. You are an agent of change, committed to serving others and transforming society. Our dedicated faculty and mission-driven programs provide a learning environment built around critical thinking, individual growth, and social justice. We will prepare you for a career that can sustain communities and help lead to a more just society.

We offer graduate degree, licensure, certificate, and additional endorsement programs for prospective and for practicing teachers, pre-K–12 education leaders, school counselors, school psychologists, student affairs professionals in higher education, addiction counselors, licensed professional counselors, art therapists, and marriage, couple, and family therapists.

The words and phrases below are often used in our materials for prospective graduate students and can be helpful when drafting your own text about the graduate experience:

  • Access
  • Equity
  • Hands-on experience
  • Integrate theory with practical experience
  • Learn by doing
  • Rigorous
  • Smaller, with a purpose
  • Social justice
  • Tight-knit
  • Valuable professional networks

Law School

This official language about the law school comes from the web:

Lewis & Clark School of Law, also known as Lewis & Clark Law School, is a rich intellectual environment that fosters innovation and new ideas. We contribute to legal knowledge through teaching, scholarship, and public service. We educate, support, and challenge you in developing the knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and professional values you need to excel in a diverse and dynamic world. We offer top specialty programs in several areas with the JD degree, and we also offer graduate and joint degree programs. Our world-class faculty have created clinics, centers, and institutes, giving you the firsthand experience in putting theory into practice.

The words and phrases below are often used in our materials for prospective law students and can be helpful when drafting your own text about the law experience.

  • Come here and you’ll go places.
  • Our professors are outstanding teachers who will know you by name.
  • Our students are interesting and diverse.
  • Portland’s law school
  • Real-world training
  • We are a recognized national leader.
  • We give you options.
  • We offer global opportunities.
  • We will mentor you.
  • You can go anywhere with your degree.

What Students Say

No one can describe the Lewis & Clark experience better than our current students. For that reason, PubCom and the graduate school keep databases of student profiles to draw on when putting together print and digital marketing materials. Spend some time browsing the undergraduate and graduate profiles online. You’ll undoubtedly learn something, and you can usually find a student quote to support anything you are saying about the L&C experience.

We always ask our undergraduate profile students to provide three words to describe Lewis & Clark. Some words they choose only come up once, but others appear again and again. Here are the top 11 words our students use to describe us:

  • Beautiful
  • Challenging
  • Community
  • Engaging
  • Fun
  • Green
  • Home
  • Inspiring
  • Supportive
  • Unique
  • Welcoming

And here are a whole bunch of words that our students use to describe Lewis & Clark:

Student Word Cloud