Print pieces can be an important element in a marketing campaign. We provide integrated services for print publications.

For a typical project, we will ask you to follow these basic steps:

Questions? Contact Marketing and Publications.
  1. Request a consultation. For the best results, we suggest you complete the Project Worksheet beforehand and bring it along. During this meeting we will verify whether your project falls within our scope.
  2. Prepare your text and have it approved by anyone who might need to review it.
  3. Schedule an intake meeting. In this meeting we’ll discuss timelines and budget and get everyone on the same page before we begin.
  4. Submit your finalized text.
  5. Review the proof we provide. You and your office or department are responsible for proofreading and confirming the accuracy of all copy.
  6. Sign off on your project. Your project cannot go to press until you complete this step.

Our office is committed to using resources wisely. Learn about our printing practices.

Project Timelines

A piece’s schedule begins when we receive your finalized text and ends when the completed publication is delivered to our office by the printer. In general, we follow these guidelines:

  • Revision of an existing piece: 4-5 weeks
  • New project or substantial revision: 6-8 weeks
  • Book-length piece: 3-9 months

Photography Needs

We maintain an extensive collection of images for use in the publications we produce. If you have needs that cannot be met with existing photos, and if your budget permits, we may contract with a freelance photographer to capture new images. Learn more about how we handle photography.

Project Costs

We’ll discuss your budget during the intake meeting. Your office or department will be responsible for the costs of printing, postage, and any mailing house services. If the project will require support from freelance writers or designers, you will likely need to cover those costs as well. You will receive copies of all invoices when we send them to the Business Office for payment.