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Frequently Asked Questions About Stationery

Products and Pricing

Need additional help? Email us or call 503-768-7970.



Order Stationery Now

 What can I order?

We have a suite of products from which to choose.

 How much do products cost?

Please contact our office for current stationery pricing. You can contact us by sending an email to or calling us at 503-768-7970.

 How do I get mailing labels?

Please complete the mailing labels request form. Unlike other stationery products, mailing labels will be produced on campus and delivered in about a week.

Mailing labels cost $28.00 per box of 400 labels (100 sheets with 4 labels on each). PubCom creates a PDF of your order, which is printed by the Copy Center.

 Can I just call or fax in my order?

No. We’ve designed the online ordering system to ensure accuracy and timeliness. It is very easy to use, and we’d be happy to help you learn. To arrange a training session, email

 How soon will my order be delivered?

Orders are printed on the first and third Wednesdays of each month and arrive on campus within one week of printing.

 How often can I place orders?

You can place orders as often as you’d like, but orders are processed only on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

 Is my office considered institutional or College of Arts and Sciences?

If your office serves the entire institution (CAS, the graduate school, and the law school), then choose the institutional version (Lewis & Clark). Examples of institutional offices and departments include the Office of Campus Safety, Institutional Advancement, and the Office of the President.

 My department name is not listed in the ordering system. What do I do?

PubCom will need to assist you with this order. Please email us at or call extension 7970.

 Will I see a proof of my order?

Yes! The ordering system provides a PDF proof for each product you order. Please review it carefully, as your order will print exactly as shown on the proof. PubCom is not responsible for typographic errors or incorrect information contained in your order.

 Will I receive confirmation of my order?

Yes. After you submit your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes the data and charges for each product ordered.

 After submitting my order, I realized that I made a mistake! What do I do?

Email immediately. If your order has not yet been printed, we may be able to correct the error. Please understand that this may delay delivery of your order. If your product has already been printed by our stationery vendor, you will be responsible for any reprinting charges.

 Can I order my own stationery items?

The person who normally orders stationery for you is authorized to access your department’s budget account. We encourage you to contact your department coordinator or administrative coordinator if you’re unfamiliar with ordering procedures.

 Can I use an ampersand (&) on my business card?

Lewis & Clark style specifies that the ampersand be used only in the name “Lewis & Clark.” Do not use it in place of “and” in department, office, or program names, or position titles.

 What font do you recommend I use for my correspondence?

PubCom suggests you use Times at the 12pt size for your Lewis & Clark correspondence.