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The Interfaith Council is comprised of students from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions and is convened by the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life. The goals of the Interfaith Council are fivefold:

  1. to work to promote understanding and dialogue about the relevance of spiritual involvement on campus;
  2. to encourage consideration of and dialogue about the ways that participation in spiritual and religious activities can enhance the educational and community life of Lewis & Clark College;
  3. to enhance the visibility and acceptance of the diverse expressions of religion and spirituality at Lewis & Clark;
  4. to seek out ways to create a campus atmosphere where stereotypes about religion and spirituality are challenged, and where supportive spiritual communities can thrive;
  5. to serve as a place of mutual support and interfaith discussion. Whenever possible, the Interfaith Council seeks to provide resources, support, educational events, outreach, and inclusive celebrations to promote personal and collective spiritual expression and growth.

If you are interested in finding out more about this group please contact Mark Duntley.

Past members of the Interfaith Council have been representatives of the following spiritual traditions:

Christian (Protestant and Roman Catholic)
Christian Science
Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints)
Native American
Unitarian Universalist

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Spiritual Life

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