Apps for Mental Health

These apps are suggested resources for Lewis & Clark College community members. Many students, faculty, and staff find that apps such as these help them keep track of their emotional well-being or assist them in times of crisis. Feel free to try them out and see if any of them suit your specific needs. Note: None of these apps are officially endorsed by the College, Wellness Services, or the Office of Student Accessibility.

Daylio: keep track of your mood with a quick journal entry everyday - no words required! (FREE - Android, iOS)

Calm: meditations, music, breathing exercises, and nature sounds to help your mind and body relax (annual subscription; free trial - Android, iOS)

Headspace: mindfulness meditation to help you perform at your best each day and aim for a happier, healthier life (free and paid versions - Android, iOS)

Moodnotes: captures your feelings through daily journal entries and aims to improve your thinking habits via CBT and positive psychology methods ($4.99 - iOS)

Talkspace: connect online quickly and confidentially with a trained mental health professional to talk about anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, and more (monthly subscription - Android, iOS)

Happify: games and science-based activities to help train yourself to think more positively (subscription options - Android, iOS)

Aura: mindfulness meditations, life coaching, stories, and music created by the best therapists and coaches, personalized just for you (subscription options - Android, iOS)

Companion: breathing techniques, guided relaxation, reframing assistance, and information about CBT all in one app (FREE with upgrades available - Android, iOS)

Moment: track how much screen-time you have with your phone and incorporate techniques to reduce that time (FREE with upgrades available - Android, iOS)

ThinkUp: record yourself saying positive affirmations and then listen to them when you need them most (FREE with upgrades available - Android, iOS)