Current Students

Notice Regarding COVID-19: Lewis & Clark College is committed to supporting those students who are at higher risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19. Persons with underlying health conditions and individuals who are immunocompromised are among the groups at increased risk of more serious illness. If you are considered to be a person at increased risk and need to take extra precautions due to COVID-19, please schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Accessibility staff to discuss your academic needs.

We provide a wide range of services, support and advocacy for students with a variety of disabilities and learning differences. We can talk with you about ways to advocate for yourself, to learn about your own learning style, and to reach out to other students at Lewis & Clark and the community. We’re here to assist you in making your time here productive and successful.

If you already have an Accommodations Letter on file, please use the following link to access services:

Make an Appointment

Complete Intake Form and/or Submit Additional Documentation

Questions and Consultation

For questions regarding academic support and accommodations, students and faculty can contact the Office of Student Accessibility by calling 503-768-7192 or emailing Students and faculty may also schedule an appointment online. Phone and Zoom appointments are available with OSA Staff members, if needed.

Exam Accommodations
  • Extended Time on Exams : Faculty will be responsible for ensuring that all students who receive extended time on exams are allowed their approved accommodations for any online, timed exam. It is very important for you to verify the extended time accommodation, located on the accommodations letter.
  • Take-Home Exams : Please note that accommodations for extended time on exams may also apply to take-home exams. Please consult with the Office Student Accessibility if you have questions regarding the length of time that you permit for take-home exams.
  • Alternative Text for Exams: When possible, OSA recommends that you send exams to students as Word documents. Word documents are the most accessible/readable file types for students who utilize alternative text formats. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the best software for ensuring accessibility. Saving a .doc as a .pdf may not ensure that document is accessible. If you need to send a .pdf document, please read more on how to create and verify .pdf accessibility.
  • CAS Exam Proctoring : The OSA Testing Center is currently proctoring in-person (paper copies) of exams.
Note Taking

Students who have been receiving notes as an accommodation will continue to receive notes for online lectures. Eileen Dowty, OSA Associate Director, will be reaching out to faculty directly regarding online course instruction and note taking. We appreciate your assistance in supporting our students through our note taking process.


Faculty Notifications - Student Illness or Personal Emergency

Students who miss more than three days of online class, due to illness or personal emergency, can contact the Office of Student Accessibility (OSA) to request a Faculty Notification be sent to their instructors and advisor(s) notifying them of their current situation. Students may contact OSA by emailing or calling 503-768-7192. It is important to recognize that students have the option to request that OSA send a Faculty Notification, this is not a requirement. Students will be encouraged to communicate with their faculty directly, regardless of whether a Faculty Notification is sent or not.

Emergency Resources