Other Disabilities

We have provided accommodations for students with epilepsy, auto-immune illnesses, multiple sclerosis, psychological disabilities, and a variety of other conditions. We look closely at the documentation the student provides, discuss at length the student’s needs, and attempt to arrive at agreement on the accommodations that will be most effective in allowing the student to perform successfully at the College.

Two factors that are especially important in this effort are (1) the thoroughness and professional expertise of the student’s documentation of the disability and (2) the student’s willingness to take responsibility for advocating for him/herself with the Office of Student Accessibility staff and with instructors.

Once we have met with you, discussed your documentation, and agreed upon accommodations, we draft a letter that will be sent to your instructors each semester at your request which explains the effects of the disability and lists approved accommodations.

We have provided many different accommodations for students with various disabilities and learning challenges, but each case and each request for accommodations is considered individually. You are encouraged to contact our office (503-768-7192 or access@lclark.edu) as soon as possible if you are planning to visit or attend Lewis & Clark so that arrangements can be made to meet your needs.

Please see Arranging for Accommodations for specific information about the process, availability, and options for undergraduate student accommodations at Lewis & Clark or use the navigation bar on the side to find what you are looking for.