Paying for Off-Campus Services

Students will need to consider how they will pay for off campus mental health services, as there is often an associated cost, whether students use health insurance or not.

Some providers will require a credit card on file to cover possible no-show/cancellation fees. Students without credit cards may be able to provide a cash deposit for these fees.

Students should check directly with their provider regarding costs of services and other payment requirements, and what types of payment (cash, credit card, check, Venmo, etc.) are accepted. Payment is usually due at the time of service.

Using Insurance

When using insurance, students will need to know if their plan has a deductible, and what their co-insurance or co-payment for services might be. These costs can vary widely between insurance companies and specific coverage plans. We provides some basic information about health insurance coverage for student reference, if they are unaware of what these terms mean.

The Student Health Insurance website provides plan information for student health insurance (Pacific Source).

For any other insurance providers, specific plan information and costs will need to be obtained directly from the student’s insurer. This information is not known or maintained by USI. Insurance company contact information can generally be found on the back of the insurance card.

Paying for Services Without Using Insurance

Students may opt not to utilize insurance to pay for services, for a variety of reasons. In those cases, the student is paying ‘out of pocket’ and is responsible for covering the full cost of services. In Portland, therapy sessions can cost $150 or more, and Psychiatry appointments cost significantly higher. For many students, meeting this level of cost is not possible.

Sliding scale providers offer discounted fees for therapy, usually based on client income. The lower the income, the lower the fee. Providers offer a wide range of scales—some starting as low as $10 per session. Some providers who accept insurance will also offer some sliding scale spaces appointments in their practice. Other sliding scale providers do not accept any insurance coverage.