Searching for Providers

Many students and families request that they be given names of ‘good’ therapists, or a list of local providers that they can choose from. The Office of Case Management does not make specific provider recommendations for students.

Selecting a therapist is a highly personal matter. Students present with a wide variety of treatment needs and preferences regarding providers. A professional who works very well with one individual may not be a good choice for another person. Students also need to consider the cost of services, location of providers, and the type of services they are seeking.

In addition, L&C students have a wide variety of insurance plans, with varying coverage and provider networks. Provider availability for new referrals, as well as the insurance they may accept, can change quickly. As such, it is not possible for L&C to maintain an accurate, up to date list of local providers and their availability.

Provider Search via Insurance Coverage

It is strongly recommended that students—if they plan to use insurance benefits—start their search for providers through their insurance company. This will ensure that students receive the most up to date information about providers who accept their insurance coverage.

It is also important that students understand basic information about how insurance works.

The Office of Case Management provides general information about how to conduct a search and a list of major insurance company search websites to assist students in their search. If your insurance company is not listed, contact information can generally be found on the back of your insurance card.

Provider Search—Not Through Insurance

Students may decide not to utilize their insurance when seeking services (often due to associated costs and/or privacy concerns), or may find themselves without insurance due to circumstances like loss of employment. In these cases, students may opt to pay out of pocket for services—this means that the full cost of services would be directly paid by the student. Please note that therapy sessions in San Francisco often cost $150 and up per appointment. Psychiatry costs are higher.

There are providers in the community who offer services on a sliding scale basis—this means that the cost of services is based on client income. Portland Therapy Center offers a list of sliding scale providers for student reference.

Students may also choose to search for providers via:

If students find themselves without insurance, they may wish to explore opting in to the health insurance offered by Lewis & Clark (Pacific Source) or research coverage available through Oregon Health Plan.