Service and Assistance Animals

L&C Service and Assistance Animal Policy

Please review the Lewis & Clark College Service and Assistance Animal Policy and the Lewis & Clark College Animal Control Policy for more information prior to contacting Office of Student Accessibility.

Assistance Animal

Students considering bringing an Assistance Animal to L&C are required to make an appointment with OSA well in advance of their arrival to discuss their request and initiate the approval process. OSA will determine on a case-by-case basis, whether bringing an Assistance Animal to campus is a reasonable accommodation for the student. In making this determination, OSA will consider the needs of the student with a disability, as well as the impact the Assistance Animal may have on the campus community.

There are four (4) steps in the Assistance Animal approval process. To initiate Step 1 of the approval process please schedule an appointment and submit your documentation (from a licensed mental health or licensed healthcare provider). An OSA staff member will assist you with steps 2-4. This process must be completed, in its entirety, at least ten business days prior to bringing your assistance animal to campus.

Returning students will be asked each semester to update their Animal information to ensure that their Office of Student Accessibility file is up-to-date.

Service Animal

Students who plan to bring a Service Animal to L&C are strongly encouraged to contact and partner with OSA. Advance notice of the impending arrival of a Service Animal may allow more flexibility in meeting a student’s potential housing preferences and possible academic accommodations.

Make an Appointment

Submit Documentation