Service and Assistance Animals

L&C Service and Assistance Animal Policy

Please review the Lewis & Clark College Service and Assistance Animal Policy and the Lewis & Clark College Animal Control Policy for more information prior to contacting Office of Student Accessibility.

Assistance Animal

Assistance Animals are allowed only within the dwelling unit of their owner as a reasonable accommodation if:

  1. the person has a disability;
  2. the animal is necessary to afford the person with a disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwelling; and
  3. there is an identifiable relationship or nexus between the disability and the assistance the animal provides.

Here are the steps to start that process:

During your initial appointment, an OSA staff member will engage with you in an interactive process around your disability, how your disability impacts you in a residential setting, along with exploring reasonable accommodations to support you. It’s helpful when documentation from your provider is submitted before scheduling an initial appointment with OSA.

  1. Once OSA receives and reviews the Assistance Animal Request form and your documentation from a licensed mental health or licensed healthcare provider, we will send you a link to the Assistance Animal Registration form. If you are requesting a dog or a cat as an assistance animal, you must register your assistance animal with Multnomah County.

Once all steps are completed, OSA will notify you whether or not your request for an assistance animal is approved. OSA will also notify Campus Living that your request for an assistance animal is approved. Campus Living will then contact you with information about housing community expectations.

Residential buildings and public sinks and showers are not a reasonable place to bath an animal on campus.

Here are local grooming locations and bathing options:

Original Bark

Pretty Paws and Claws

Wiggles and Wags Grooming

Cats in the City

*Waterless Bathing Option

Service Animal

Students who plan to bring a Service Animal to L&C are strongly encouraged to contact and partner with OSA. Advance notice of the impending arrival of a Service Animal may allow more flexibility in meeting a student’s potential housing preferences and possible academic accommodations.