Services for Mobility Impairments

Lewis & Clark has been working to make its campus more accessible to people with mobility challenges, but we recognize that there is still more to be accomplished, especially in the area of physical accessibility.

Since Lewis & Clark is on the original grounds of a manor house that was built into a hillside and along a ravine, reconfiguring the campus for accessibility involves working around steep grades and other natural features that propose a challenge. The College’s Master Plan, which provides a blueprint for the future development of the campus, is moving us more effectively toward the goal of optimum accessibility in the years to come.

In the past two decades, three major classroom buildings have been built to ADA standards on the undergraduate campus, the Aubrey Watzek Library has been remodeled for accessibility, and upgrades to Pamplin have included a new elevator. Upgrades at the Law School have also improved accessibility within buildings on that part of the campus. An accessibility map, a work-in-progress that is guiding our upgrades, illustrates accessible routes to various parts of campus.

Nevertheless, there are some buildings that are not yet entirely accessible, and, on occasion, we need to move classes or find other accommodations to meet the needs of our students. As in the case with all students, if you are a student with physical challenges, you need to be a strong self-advocate and notify the office of Office of Student Accessibility of your needs in a timely manner.

We have provided many different accommodations for students with physical disabilities and mobility challenges, but each case and each request for accommodations is considered individually. You are encouraged to contact our office (503-768-7192 or as soon as possible if you are planning to visit or attend Lewis & Clark so that arrangements can be made to meet your needs. You may also choose to rent mobility equipment. McCann’s Medical is a local medical equipment rental company that allows for local pick up (Tigard location) or delivery to campus. 

Please see Arranging for Accommodations for specific information about the process, availability, and options for undergraduate student accommodations at Lewis & Clark or use the navigation bar on the side to find what you are looking for.